Are you really healthy?

We have an upcoming conference on November 8-9, 2019 in Louisville KY. You can register either as a Conference and CIMT participant or Conference and Assessment participant depending on whether you need a re-evaluation. For more information and/or to register online:

PrevMed is also offering courses online. Our first course is on Cardiovascular Inflammation and we have an upcoming course on Insulin Resistance. The course(s) can be found here:

We have also changed some of our services and price offerings which can be found on our website here:
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No need to wonder on how to do it. Ask questions to get the help you need.
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amazing web thanks for approved
by Tom
Enjoy Hundreds of Informative Videos on Aspects of Prevention of Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Dementia, Cancer, Disability and More
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Very high cardiac calcium score
by rginnis
Prevention and latest research
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Oxidized cholesterol
by rich
Diagnoses, treatment and lifestyle considerations
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Diet and Lifestyle to help prevent cancer
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Early Pancreatic Cancer
by James
Lose weight, improve insulin sensitivity and overall cardiovascular health
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Helping you to know if you have possible genetic predispositions to diseases
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Last Post: 23andME reports
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Dave C Florida
23andME reports
Tips and tools to monitor your state of health and progress
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Suggestions for eating your way to improved health
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Atherosclerosis, Heart Failure, Arrhythmias, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), etc.
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Various Approaches to Treat High Blood Pressure
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Magnesium Therapy
by fatmax
Diagnoses, Treatment and Lifestyle Considerations
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Lipids, blood glucose, inflammatory markers, CIMT, calcium scores, thyroid, genetics and more. Getting the correct lab work done and understanding your results
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Research and updated medical guidelines from reputable sources
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Reducing Plaque without Statins
by Tom
Research and suggestions to slow the aging process and live a long and healthy life
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Last Post: Why are you here?
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Why are you here?
The effects or oral pathogens on heart disease and what to do about it
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Improving the Quantity and Quality of Sleep for Better Health
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Last Post: Sleep Hygiene
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Ford Brewer
Sleep Hygiene
Prevention, Diagnoses, Treatment and Lifestyle Considerations
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Finding the Right Supplements for Your Needs Based on What The Science Shows
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Concepts of State of the Art Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes Prevention
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Exercises, Cognitive Training
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Ford Brewer
OA, falling, fractures