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PrevMed is also offering courses online. Our first course is on Cardiovascular Inflammation and we have an upcoming course on Insulin Resistance. The course(s) can be found here:

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Video series for new cardiovascular patients

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  • Video series for new cardiovascular patients

    I have atherosclerosis and have been watching Dr. Brewers informative videos for over a year. A good friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with atherosclerosis and is looking for information on heart disease. Can anyone suggest a good video or series of videos that covers the progression of heart disease, cardiovascular inflammation, insulin resistance, LP(a) etc? Any book suggestions would also be helpful. Thank you Dr. Brewer for all the good work you are doing to keep us all healthy. Alec

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    Thanks. He may like getting the basics from the Cardiovascular Inflammation and Inflammation Resistance Courses. As for books, BEAT THE HEART ATTACK GENE, BLOOD SUFAR 101, DIET 101, and WHY WE GET DAT, AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.


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      For videos, Dr. Brewer has made quite a few on those very topics that you mention. I would start with those. If a person is interested in learning a lot, then I would recommend that they study up a bit on human biology. It can be difficult to absorb new detailed info without some framework to evaluate that new info. Dr. Brewer's videos for the most part don't assume that the audience has a lot of background, and the basic concepts are presented in a user friendly way.

      If the person wants to learn a lot more on particular areas, then there are some good Internet resources amid a lot of crap. Best to start with Dr. Brewer's videos and the books that he recommends as that material will cover just about everything that most people want to know.