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Indexing Dr. Brewer's YouTube videos

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  • Indexing Dr. Brewer's YouTube videos

    Indexing Dr. Brewer's YouTube videos

    Today, 06:00 AM
    I feel this rich and relevant body of research deserved further exploration.

    I couldn't find an index, so I created one. Dr. Brewer posted 201 videos on YouTube. I have the list in spreadsheet format and have indexed the titles. Information includes
    Column 1 - Reference number in alphabetical order
    Column 2 - Title as posted on YouTube
    Column 3 - Views
    Column 3 - Number of months since uploaded to YouTube
    Column 4 - A high level index/categorization

    Several videos appear to be posted twice. They're identified in red.

    I have attached some screenshots to give you an idea: Sorts by tile, Views and Category (index).

    This was time consuming to put together, since YouTube doesn't make it easy. Therefore, there are no hot links embedded. That will require googling..

    I used EXCEL, which allows searching within the titles and of course, sorting by column. Happy to share it by e-mail or I can post it if anyone can tell me how to attach XLS or PDF files.

    Any other ideas welcome: Meta tagging or comparing to an existing search facility? Maybe Dr. Brewer has a list?
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    Very cool. I would be super interested in seeing the whole spreadsheet.

    What you could do is create a Google docs spreadsheet, give it public access rights and then post the link to the forum. I believe this would work. I have done it before but it has been years since I did it and don't remember details.


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      Wow! That's exciting! Thank you for this activity!


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        I haven't been on the forum for a while, but I've become an ardent supporter of Dr Brewer'e work and did some deep diving into some of the ways his videos and messages are being distributed. This forum is one vehicle. Videos are another.

        The number of videos have grown from ~200 to about 700 now and includes webinars and interviews.

        The "spreadsheet" I compiled in mid 2019 is now obsolete, but more importantly, there is a better way to search for content by using the YT search facility in the channel. I'll post step by step instructions here soon.

        Meanwhile, I noticed a slowing of traffic on this channel. Any thoughts on how to stimulate traffic and expand the exchange of great information?


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          How to find stuff on Dr. Brewer's (Prevmed) YouTube Channel. The channel has ~700 videos on it.

          1. Go to the PrevMed YouTube channel Home page

          2. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right below the banner.

          3. Put in your search term and voilla!

          It works!


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            Yes, this search works very well. For some of us, who are "medical knowledge challenged", it pays to spend some time browsing his vids as well. And watching more than once, I might add, because what I learn can be limited by what I know at that time. What a wonderful resource it is. I am thankful to be living in an age with so much information available at my finger tips. Dr Brewer is such a great teacher. I heard rumor he is working on a book? Does anyone have any info on his book?