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Is there more we should be doing?

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  • Is there more we should be doing?

    Fat Emp. Newest vid. A must watch for Lipoprotein little (a).

    fixed link
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    The link that you posted didn't work (seems to be partially cut off). Was there anything new or why a must watch?


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      This Ivor interview with an Ausie cardiologist brings several new to me ideas.


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        Thanks for posting the link again. In general I thought it was a good podcast. The one thing that struck me about Lp(a) was the cardiologist suggesting that larger LDL-like Lp(a) particles were cleared faster. I would have thought that fewer Lp(a) particles are made when health is improved vice more are cleared when a normally more optimal LDL-like particle is present. Who knows it might be some of both. The thinking that I have heard is that the LDL receptor (which is what likely clears the LDL-like Lp(a) particle) cannot latch onto the particle because the APOB-100 docking site is obscured. This would result in those particles staying in circulation longer, potentially becoming sdLDL-like along with more oxidation of the Lp(a) portion itself (both of which would increase the probability of getting stuck in the intima-media space).
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