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Very high cardiac calcium score

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    Not that unusual distribution of calcium. The Left Main is frequently clean, The RCA is probably a large dominant vessel and the Circumflex is likely a tiny artery. I would get a CT coronary angiogram at a place that knows what they doing to estimate stenosis (narrowing) and to see if you have only coronary artery calcium or is there non-calcified (soft) plaque.


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      Just an update since it has been awhile. I am down to 212 now! (47 pounds) I am seeing a Bale-Doneen Dr. in Champagne IL. And all my tests are coming back normal except one, I am Haptiglobin 2-2 so have to stay away from gluten but don’t have much of that anyway since I found out my cac score was 2267. Put me on 400iu of vitamin E to lower my risk. OGTT went well except my 1 hour was 130 which is a little high. Baseline was 91 and 2 hour 88. Had a cimt which showed a small module of plaque but was all calcified. I am 53 and this test said I have arterioles that are 58. Started out taking 10 mg Crestor daily but cholesterol was too low so switched to 5 mg. Last lab for lipids total cholesterol 91 ldl 38 Hdl 47 triglyceride 31 cholesterol/HDL ratio 1.9. Told this to dr now said to take 5mg every other day. Inflammation panel all wnl. So I am doing what I can control by exercising every day and watching what I eat(no bread, pasta, red meat) only drink water and a small glass of red wine . No symptoms but I had to buy a lot more clothes! Anyway just wanted to give all of you an update and thank you for all your past comments. Phil
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        Sounds great. Did you have any inflammation markers measured with the most common one hs-CRP, but others more for cardiovascular inflammation like Lp-Pla2? Getting enough vitamin D is important, and I am surprised by 400IU daily as that is not a lot. Perhaps you meant 4000IU daily?


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          No, all my inflammation markers came back normal but I tested about a month after I started my diet. I take 400 IU a day of vitamin E and this was recommended as I have Haptoglobin 2-2. Thanks Tom. Phil