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Very high cardiac calcium score

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    Here is the link to Dr Davis's peer reviewed article about regression of coronary calcium.
    About 50% of the patients showed coronary calcium regression.

    http://Effect of a Combined Therapeutic Approach of Intensive Lipid Management, Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation, and Increased Serum 25 (OH) Vitamin D on Coronary Calcium Scores in Asymptomatic Adults


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      Fatmax, How much Vitamin D and Magensium do you take a day?

      Thank You.

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    Fatmax, How much Vitamin D and Magnesium do you take a day?

    Thank You.


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      I take 10,000IU of Doctor's Best VD3 each day. My last blood test showed a serum Vit D, 25 hydroxy of 67 ng/mL. I mix 4-5 tbs of GoodSense milk of magnesia with 2L unflavored seltzer. Twice a day I drink 8oz of the mixture to help control my BP. In addition I take 8mg of Perindopril and 5mg of amlodipine. This has resulted in my systolic measured around 115 and diastolic around 75. I don't know if any of this will help to reduce my CVD. I try to follow Dr Davis's recommendations and also follow what John L. did to reduce his atherosclerosis.

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    TY Very much for this
    I listened to Dr. Carolyn Dean "The magnesium miracle" a while back and she warns about not taking too too much D because of this:
    and taking large doses of
    vitamin D
    can induce severe depletion of Mg. Adequate
    supplementation should be considered as an important aspect of
    vitamin D

    HOWEVER you are taking alot of Mg I think; do you have any idea how much Mg that above combo. gives you?
    Weirdest thing tonight; went with my wife and had a seafood pasta primavera with shrimp, clams, mussels, squid, and yeah I atre some pasta, but was loaded with seafood.
    I just came back from a 3 mile walk in 45 minutes up and down hills where i live in NC. Max Heart rate was 109 and felt great.
    Earlier this week just eating salad for 3 days prior did same walk 5 minutes slower and max heart rate was in high 130's and felt tired.
    Not sure the variance, diet?
    The other thing is I started ramapril 5 BID on 9/16, and maybe that's kicking in more? Hard to say.
    I'm still trying to figure this whole nutrition thing out. My older brother from austin is DM type II and is keto (I'm not and flew through 2 hr. glucose test with flying colors).
    One thing I will say is that beyond burger made me feel absolutely terrible the few times I tried it.
    Very tricky this whole diet thing that is for sure!
    P.S. I know that spanish about plant based offended some here but god forgive me but I coudl not stop laughing after seeing it.
    Right now I am eating seafood a few times a week and am very veg and salad heavy with with healthy fats and low carb.
    My Bale Doneed Doc said I could have seafood up to 5x week/ chicken/red meat 1 time a week.
    He claimed land based meats are a whole different beast that seafood?
    TY for all you feedback and have a great night


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      GoodSense milk of magnesia: 1tbs = 15mL = 1200 Mg(OH)2 = 595mg of magnesium

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    Above I meant Funny Spanish video.