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Sedentary skinny is healthier than active skinny

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  • Sedentary skinny is healthier than active skinny

    I guess there are no examples of a sedentary skinny (non-smoker) person that has suffered from cardiovascular disease (CVD). On the other hand, there are many stories of active skinny (non-smoker) people having heart attacks.

    The reason why is that in order to be skinny and sedentary a person must consume low calories and keep a low blood sugar, otherwise they would fatten. Exercise is equivalent to cocaine and smoking when it comes to weight and CVD prevention in the fact that all three of them can keep a person skinny while masking an internal buildup of plaque.

    Can anyone provide an example of a sedentary skinny (non-smoker) suffering a heart attack?

    Upon doing a little research it seems that sarcopenia or sarcopenic obesity would be likely examples of a sedentary skinny non-smoker at risk for CVD. I guess a CIMT would uncover this CVD risk, so the standard recommendation of getting a CIMT remains.
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    What evidence do you have that sedentary, skinny, non-smokers don’t have CVEs? I’m with you on the need for cIMTs.


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      Joe, no evidence, hence the "I guess". I was thinking about this because I have heard people trying to discredit the plant-based diet by pointing out those on the diet who have suffered from CVD.

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    The sequence of you posts make it seem to me that you need to examine the logic shift in your posts. At first there was a contrast of sedentary be active skinny people. Then it shifts to plant based. I would encourage you to learn, question and challenge, but not jump between logic premises.