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We have an upcoming conference on November 8-9, 2019 in Louisville KY. You can register either as a Conference and CIMT participant or Conference and Assessment participant depending on whether you need a re-evaluation. For more information and/or to register online:

PrevMed is also offering courses online. Our first course is on Cardiovascular Inflammation and we have an upcoming course on Insulin Resistance. The course(s) can be found here:

We have also changed some of our services and price offerings which can be found on our website here:
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Tool for Analyzing 23andMe Raw Data

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  • Tool for Analyzing 23andMe Raw Data

    This is a nice tool for analyzing some of the raw data from 23andme. In my case, it verified some of the things I had already figured out through trial and error - even with hours in the sun I don't make enough vitamin d and I don't digest and metabolize fats effectively, especially saturated fat.

    She (Dr Rhonda Patrick) asks for a $10 donation. She also has several excellent videos on youtube.

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    Yes. I agree. I think Dr. Patrick's great.