Are you really healthy?

We have an upcoming conference on November 8-9, 2019 in Louisville KY. You can register either as a Conference and CIMT participant or Conference and Assessment participant depending on whether you need a re-evaluation. For more information and/or to register online:

PrevMed is also offering courses online. Our first course is on Cardiovascular Inflammation and we have an upcoming course on Insulin Resistance. The course(s) can be found here:

We have also changed some of our services and price offerings which can be found on our website here:
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  • Keto Buzz Reviews

    Keto Buzz Reviews If you are the sort of person who is suited to this approach and are prepared to do the work and stick to it then that's great. As for me, I'm not really a diet type person. I find them all just a bit too restrictive. To me, they just make life a bit more serious than I like it to be. So if you are anything like me I suggest you have a think about the following Four Fold Approach.