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FMD while taking Statins

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  • FMD while taking Statins

    I want to try the Prolon FMD. My cardiologist doesn't support fasting. I am diabetic and have a stent, I am taking Aspirin, BP med, blood thinners, atorvastatin, and Metformin. Is FMD safe for people who are taking these drugs?

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    I don't know if you will get a response from Dr. Brewer because answering your question might be construed as medical advice. In general, no there should not be a problem with fasting for a person taking those medications. The Prolon FMD is not total fasting per se, it is Fasting Mimicking. It is hard to say more without knowing what your cardiologist's objection to fasting was specifically going to cause you a problem. Perhaps you recently had a heart attack and the cardiologist feels like fasting might be too stressful right now, or maybe the cardiologist doesn't understand the difference between a water fast and the Prolon FMD.


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      Thanks. Longo’s very careful to advise people to see a doc, especially if you’re taking something that might lower glucose (Metformin). I didn’t stopp mine. But I’ve been on it for years. It’s simplest & safest to just stop the Metformin while doing it.


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        Thanks all.


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          Where did you end up on this?