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  • Question About Fats

    I'm confused about something regarding long chain fatty acids. Do saturated fats and unsaturated fats break down into the same long chain fatty acids? My assumption is no, or else it wouldn't make any difference which we ate.

    So can someone explain or point me to a good explanation of how each type of fat is converted to fatty acids? What got me thinking about this is LPS can bind to a chylomicron carrying saturated fat, but apparently not one containing unsaturated fat. Or maybe it's that it binds to the saturated fat in a chylomicron. Either way, there must be a difference in the way saturated and unsaturated fats are metabolized.

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    This recent podcast should answer some of your questions regarding ApoE4 and fat metabolism:

    Tommy Wood, MD, PhD. Should you worry about ApoE4 on a keto/carnivore diet and how to avoid Alzheimer’s disease.