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What did you eat for breakfast today? Lunch?

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  • What did you eat for breakfast today? Lunch?

    I know there is no one way to eat low carb, that some are doing Keto, some Paleo, some Carnivore, etc. I am just wanting to see examples of what people are eating for meals. My husband is a horrible starch addict, and he is the cook in the family - I hate cooking. Left to my own devices I eat to just get fed, not to have interesting meals. He, on the other hand, likes to cook but has entrenched ideas about meals, wants to have interesting meals he finds enjoyable. For instance, being Italian, he's very wedded to having a pasta meal of some kind backed up with a slice of Italian or French bread. HIs labs are horrible and he has been on a statin, but even then his TG:HDL ratio was horrific on his labs from 2018.

    I have been on a research binge to learn about cholesterol and learning that it isn't about cholesterol but inflammation. I was of the belief that statins are ultimately bad so looking for reinforcement, came across Dr. Brewer's videos and intrigued by his use of statins. I personally feel that those that cross the BBB are bad because the brain needs cholesterol. I'm not convinced that there isn't long term risk for dementia. I've seen stuff about how elderly people with high cholesterol live longer, have less dementia, less cancer and less infections than their low cholesterol counterparts. My husband is definitely complaining of more brain fog these days (59 years old). So, Crestor (which is less able to cross the BBB) low dose twice a week seems like an improvement for him.

    Anyway, all of Dr. Brewer's awesome videos got him listening a little better and he agreed we need to do better about removing carbs. But, we won't be going whole hog Keto or Paleo per se. So, examples?

    It's funny, really, because in the '90's we did the Zone diet which was I think 60% carbs but low glycemic index carbs. I remember making one meal that had a gigantic pile of vegetables to make that ratio of 40:30:30 carbsrotein:fats. We both lost weight and got lean, but didn't stick it out as a permanent lifestyle.

    Sorry to blather on. So what did you have for breakfast and lunch today? What are you going to have for dinner?

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    Originally posted by BetsyCam View Post
    ...but didn't stick it out as a permanent lifestyle.
    Come up with a weekly meal plan that you can stick with as a permanent lifestyle change. I like green beans, carrots, tomatoes & frozen stir fry veggies. Also, on my list is frozen fruit like strawberries, raspberries & blueberries.


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      I ate the kind of breakfast I've been told to eat for many years now, one that is supposed to be very healthy.
      Oatmeal with cinnamon, topped with raisins, add water and top with a spoonful of peanut butter and add some honey. I microwave it for 3.5 minutes, take it out and add some beet root juice powder and some flax seed meal, then add almonds and walnuts. I then top with milk and then add blueberries and other berries I might have with a banana on the side. Most of this has been my breakfast for many years now, but I think I will change it.

      I am 68 and although I am overweight, to see me nobody would say that. I wake up each morning and have no pain and take no pain meds at all. I ride my bike 20 miles each day now that it is summer. But I've had hypertension for 20 years now which has resulted in stage 3 chronic kidney disease likely from having untreated hypertension in my 30s when I had no healthcare. A year ago I had a CT scan which showed nothing for the reason I was being scanned but did show a severe fatty liver and now severe coronary calcifications for which my doctor wants to put me on statins (my cholesterol number is 169 with 108 ldl and 45 hdl). I've looked online for what kind of diet I should eat for these and the problem is that they conflict, sometimes being opposite (such as, eat whole grains and brown rice and never eat whole grains and avoid brown rice).
      So what to do, what to do, what to do?


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        Fatty liver and coronary calcifications? Rule #1. Understand your carb metabolism. Do nothing else until you do that.


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          Years ago my husband and I did the Zone Diet. Both of us lost weight. It was all about the carbs being low glycemic index. I am revisiting that. I need some kind of number to work off of. For the Zone diet, it was 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% protein, with the carbs being low glycemic. Is there anything wrong with that? The Keto people focus on good fats and really low carbs; I'm trying to only use good fats. This morning breakfast was a whole lot of shredded Brussels sprouts sauted with garlic in avocado oil, with two eggs and a slice of organic cheese scrambled in. I don't know how that ratio'd out, but it stuck to my ribs to where I didn't even feel like eating lunch. Small handful of mixed nuts pre-dinner, and then pasta putanesca and a salad for dinner. Omitted the white bread side my hubby usually likes to add to his pasta meals. Oddly, pasta is supposed to be lower glycemic index.


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            I'm working as a civilian contractor on a military base and eat at the chow hall every day (OMAD Lunch). Almost everything on the serving line is off my list. Mostly carbs...not good. It's no wonder the military guys are having trouble with their weight. I get the meat (or two) of the day, some vegetables with butter, and a few things off the salad bar with lots of olive oil. Every other day they have avocados and I eat one or two. I take lots of supplements and eat nuts, sardines, olives and mushrooms as a snack. I eat microwaved eggs too. For the first time in my life I just started eating chicken livers, but every attempt in the microwave is a disaster. Went from OMAD to 2MAD, I can tell my metabolism is increasing and I'm able to consume more calories than with OMAD. I work out with weights & cardio 7 days a week. I weight myself every day at the same time. I've lost 6" off my waist which is delightful. I'm trying to burn off the rest of the fat and increase muscle at the same time.

            The joke is everyone here gets either: "pumped, chunked or drunk"...and that's actually true from what I can tell.
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              As a follow-up to my last comment...the military chow line is the SAD "Food Pyramid" Diet on full display. Their dietitians didn't get the memo. If you go down the serving line and get will have followed the "food pyramid" to the letter...I'll give them that. At least they are following somebody's we just need that "somebody" to get current on food. I wonder if their Dietitians eat that way or are just towing the party line while at work, but eat a ore up-to-date diet at home?
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                Google "Captain's Soup" story. It's about a military pilot who lost his wings eating their food but got them back eating KETO.