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Is fasting safe for post stent?

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  • Is fasting safe for post stent?

    Doctor Ford,

    I have a stent ACR, I am taking metformin, tradjenta, lipitor, brilinta, metoprolol and baby aspirin. I like to go on weekly 48-hour fasts like yourself, currently I have 30% body fat and BMI 28. Is it safe to fast for me? I can measure my glucose and regulate met and tradj, but what about the heart drugs, should I reduce them as well?


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    Pardon the delayed response. I'm not sure if I saw this before & was nervous about giving personal advice - or if I just didn't see it. Anyway, as you can see from the attached article, Tradjenta alone has relatively low risk of hypoglycemia (the major health risk in fasting). But in combination with Metformin, it increases risk moderately. So you really need to make sure you & your doc manage this as you fast.


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      Thanks, Doctor Ford. In the past, I've skipped metformin and tradjenta when fasting and used glucmeter to make sure my levels didn't go too high. My concern is taking the other drugs on an empty stomach, especially aspirin.


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        Thanks for the clarification. Aspirin & the other meds can be rough on the GI tract. You should review them with your doc.