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    I'm looking for some general information and advice as this is all fairly new to me. Can someone give me just a basic ratio of what the macros of a HFLC diet look like? Yes, I know it will vary, but I'm just looking for a ballpark here. Will someone also please define what exactly is meant by 'low carb?' I've read anything between 30g and 100g of carbs a day. That's a really big spectrum in my thinking. And what about vegetables? I have a couple of friends who are fairly legit keto people and they all seem to say that they don't count carbs from vegetables. That doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to be as vegetables are basically all carbs (complex-carbs). So should carbs from vegetable be counted? If you are eating a lot of vegetables those complx-carbs can add up quickly. Any insight or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    Many people go by the net carb figure when figuring out how many carbs their veg's should count for. Most labels will have a total carb gram amount and a fiber gram amount. Some people will subtract out the fiber amount, leaving a net carb figure. The assumption being that the body cannot digest fiber.

    The reason you see such a wide range of carbs for a low carb diet is that it sort of depends on how each person's body responds to carbs as well as what the person's goal is. If you want to lose weight you might have a different carb limit than someone who is trying to control blood sugar. Someone who wants to get into ketosis might have yet a different carb limit. Even 2 people who want to get into ketosis will not have the same carb limit, due to differences in how their bodies ability to handle the carbs. Some people can be in ketosis with 50g carb. Others get kicked out of ketosis at 20g. But these are both considered low carb diets.

    I believe most LCHF macros look like 65-75% fat, 20-25% protein and 5-10% carb. I have seen others do an all meat carnivore diet which is essentially devoid of carbs.


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      What David said rings true to me. I would add that in general, vegetables are probably the healthiest category of foods. And very many of them are low energy)calorie density, so you can eat portions with little energy)carb load. Excluding, or course, the super starchy stuff like potato. Also, looking at the net carb idea from a slightly different angle, I believe the *proportion* of fiber to non-fiber carbs is very high in veggies compared to other carb foods, and also I *think* they tend to have a better proportion of slow to fast digesting carbs.
      So, it strikes me as plausible that, if the goal of the diet is maximizing overall health, one could regularly eat veggies "without worrying" about their carbs


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        fatmax, your crusade against vegetables is fascinating if nothing else. However, let's be honest. We didn't get CAD from eating too much broccoli. ;-)


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          No one can argue with your labs, great work, FatMax!


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            This is a March 2019 paper that fat lovers should take a look: Probing the Global Cellular Responses to Lipotoxicity Caused by Saturated Fatty Acids

            I would love to hear Dr. Brewer's opinion about it.


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              I took a look. Very interesting. Thanks. I put it in the que for a video. There is obviously a huge debate around this issue. I just read the book Big Fat Surprise & plan a video on it as well. A fat-laden carnivore, or the typical high saturated fat diet that many consider "keto" always made me a little nervous.