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Switching from Lipitor to Crestor

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  • Switching from Lipitor to Crestor

    A warm hello from the Mediterranean, and i am really glad i found Dr Brewer and this forum.

    I am currently on 10mg of Lipitor and i want to switch to Crestor since all Dr Brewer's research shows it is better for lowering CV inflammation.

    So should i do a straight switch to 10mg of crestor or should i do it gradually, maybe continue with lipitor and add 2.5mg of crestor every week or two, till i get to 10mg of crestor and then drop lipitor?

    Also 10mg of lipitor have equal strength as 10mg of crestor?

    Thanks in advance for all your answers!

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    Few things here to comment on.
    1.) Are you doing this in conjunction with a Physician and if so what has he/she said?
    2.) In general 1 mg. of Lipitor is though to be equal to .5 mg of Crestor. You will see that creators lowest tablet is 5 mg and Lipitors is 10 mg.
    This is confirmed by various medical professionals including my father who is a retired MD
    3.) What is your "EXACT" CV situation, high LPa? Plaque? Other diseases?, etc?
    4.) Just so you know lipitor still has good anti-inflammatory effects and IS ACTUALLY BETTER ON REDUCING LDL than Crestor! I reasearched
    this extensively and on average Lipitor will lower small particle LDL's (the bad type that produces atherosclerosis) by an additional 20% +
    You will find most cardiologists for this reason will prescribe Lipitor over crestor.

    As a side note I understand Crestor is more effective a bit on inflammation but we really have to be diligent on our research here before making a med move as such.
    Additionally, I am seeing a cardiologist/lipidologist in my area and I asked for crestor over lipitor and he kept me on lipitor since he said I tolerated in the past and did not think the
    difference was that big with inflammation. Food for thought here and I welcome all commentary.


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      Also, I believe that Crestor does NOT cross the blood -brain barrier as does Lipitor

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    I love Dr Brewer's videos but on the issue of Lipitor vs Crestor I am not convinced yet. I would like to see the studies showing that Crestor significantly outperforms Lipitor on inflammation. Maybe Dr Brewer will make a video on it in his new series about the issue.

    There seems to be a logical issue here as well. As far as I'm aware studies show Lipitor is as good as Crestor at preventing cardiac events. If inflammation is the primary cause of cardiac events, then does this not imply Lipitor helps with inflammation as much as Crestor?


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      While I don't want to spend too much time digging up stuff, I'll just throw a few things out there --

      I'd venture to say that Paul Ridker is 'the CV inflammation guy'. He's a Harvard researcher who's at the center of a lot of the findings and studies that have to do with things like CRP and CVD, CV inflammation, and use of statins to lower inflammation and reduce CVD events. As far as I know, he has used rosuvastatin (aka crestor) in the relevant trials. My sense is that there is plenty of info, and it's generally accepted that, rosuvastatin is "the anti-inflammatory statin" until further notice.

      Re. the question of CRP, LDL -- this article isn't hot off the press, but in it Ridker goes into the clinical importance of CRP --

      From another article - 'Comparison of anti-inflammatory effect of atorvastatin with rosuvastatin in patients of acute coronary syndrome'
      Both atorvastatin (40 mg) and rosuvastatin (20 mg) are effective in decreasing CRP and LDL cholesterol levels even in a short duration of 4 weeks. Rosuvastatin was found to be more effective in decreasing CRP levels.
      I believe work done on the data from the METEOR trial has more info on that topic as well. I think rosuvastatin was seen to be quite a bit better at handling inflammation in that data.

      Another article -- -- may also have some information relevant to your questions.

      One small detail that was noted:

      Compared to atorvastatin and some other statins, rosuvastatin has an advantage, since it is not metabolized predominantly through CYP3A4, eliminating many potential drug and food interactions.
      I'm not an expert on selecting statins and their unique profiles and indications. In my experience, data is often very limited, and when docs are well informed decisions are made off of the bits of info that we do know. On that note, check out the METEOR trial and work on the data from it. I also recall an issue w/ females taking atorvastatin, but I can't recall the details now.
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        Thanks guys for your valuable input.

        I think i will introduce crestor 2 days of the week (Monday & Thursday) and rest of the days continue with lipitor... give it a couple of months and then do lipids and inflammation tests and compare them with my previous ones.
        The outcome will dictate the next course of action


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          With Bale Donneen Dr. and first thing he did as soon as I joined his practice was switch my lipitor to crestor.
          Had blood done a few months later and Interesting enough my cholesterol went up a tiny bit, I take 5mg QOD (Total= 120, LDL = 64, Trig = 70, HDL =41),
          but the craziest thing is MY CRP! Last reading in January = 1.2, Last month = .3. WOWOWOW!
          I modified diet a bit too but I'm sure Crestor was major player here!