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C-IMT, help in finding a provider

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  • C-IMT, help in finding a provider

    Does anyone know of a resource for finding C-IMT providers? I am confident my PCP has never heard of it. I also researched the websites of hospitals and cardiologists within a 50 mile radius of my home and no one mentions it. Is it that rare?


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    Some cardiologists and wellness doctors use CIMT, but it can be hit or miss and even then the training/skill of the technician doing the test is important for repeatability. Try CardioRisk Laboratories to see if they know of someone near you or the nearest location to their service to you. Below is the contact info that Todd Eldridge listed in one of Dr. Brewer's CIMT videos.

    To get in touch with CardioRisk - you can call 801-855-6775 or go to our website Good luck to all in having the very best heart health! Thanks Dr. Brewer for allowing us to discuss this technology on your program.


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      Tom is Cardorisk your company?

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      No, like many I found it challenging to locate a CIMT test center near where I lived. I eventually found a wellness doctor's practice in the DFW area (Texas) that performs CIMT tests, but they were using the equipment/software from a different manufacturer than CardioRisk. I subsequently moved overseas to live, and I will return around the five year mark to have another CIMT test done (along with a second CAC score and advanced inflammation panel, lipid panel, etc.). At that time I may well try to get a CardioRisk CIMT test done.
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    Thanks, I will give that a try.