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Biochemist Patrick Theut - A Deep Dive

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  • Biochemist Patrick Theut - A Deep Dive

    A very interesting and enlightening interview with Patrick Theut by Ivor Cummins (Fat Emperor). Patrick takes a very, very deep dive into cause of arterial calcification and how he reversed it. I'm including a link for the transcript, the video, and to his cardiac manifesto.

    Please add your comments after reviewing. It's different in that from the beginning his approach was to get rid of calcium and plaque. The body put it in and he is going to figure out how to get the body to take it out. I am APOE3/4, so if you are 3/4 or 4/4, he does say they have different requirements. I have also added another link to video where he specifically lists the supplements and dosage he uses.

    cardiac manifesto

    Transcript of video

    Want to Reverse Your Calcification and Heart Disease? Here's How! Podcast Ep21

    Patrick Theut's Supplement Regimen

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    I commented on Patrick Theut's podcast with Ivor Cummins recently. I was not impressed. I have nothing against Ivor Cummins, and I totally support people getting CAC scores to get some blunt understanding of their cardiovascular disease (make no mistake it is a blunt understanding at best). Do doctors treat people with a CAC score of 100 differently from 200 or 300? I don't think so as they aren't the majority of the patients in the cardiologists' office, and they are hopefully given lifestyle modification directions and likely a statin. It is not even clear that a person with a CAC score of 300 will have a lot more plaque showing in their arteries than someone with a CAC score of 100. However, once you get to a CAC score of 1000+, then you are talking high risk there and those patients are in another category.

    Back to Patrick Theut. I noted a lot of hand waving with no technical notes, and he varied from scientific facts to conjecture to out right BS making me cringe a bit as it is difficult to fully understand where the conjecture begins and ends. So, Patrick Theut and many others claim to reverse their heart disease. OK, let's consider that idea. Does calcium cause heart disease? No, it is a marker that enters late in the stage of healing from soft plaque. Soft plaque is the problem, and specifically laying down more soft plaque. If they somehow can remove the calcium marker, did they also completely reverse the plaque? I am skeptical, and I haven't seen any evidence that the real cause of cardiovascular disease is reduced or removed just by removing calcium as the "primary indicator". I think that a healthy lifestyle which promotes low cardiovascular inflammation can stop new soft plaque from being laid down, assist in reduction of existing soft plaque, and at the same time old calcified plaques will be somewhat decreased in size (but not disappear entirely). That is the ultimate goal. It's just when you only have a CAC score, you just know a number and start to make all sorts of inferences from that number going up or down. Remember the old story about if you just have a hammer, everything looks like a nail? The real focus should be on stopping additional soft plaque from forming. I don't think that Ivor Cummins would object to that sentence.
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      Tom, well said. What are your thoughts on Dr. Esselstyn's advice?

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      I don't like to get into my diet is better than your diet wars. All I can say is that if it works for you in all aspects of your life and health, then great.
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      I would like to see his inflammation and lipid panels for the past decade to prove his claims. Otherwise, the narrative was just BS.

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    Some good points re: soft plaque & the "my diet is better than yours wars". Thanks.