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This is Video That May Have Saved My Life

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  • This is Video That May Have Saved My Life

    This video is actually just a part of the total interview Dr Rhonda Patrick had with Joe Rogan, but it is the part that finally brought all the pieces together for me. SNPs indicating problem digesting and metabolizing saturated fat, leaky gut, high ldl and sdLDL, etc. This clip explains how saturated fat can result in the creation of foam cells and plaque. For most, a ketogenic diet high in saturated fat is a good thing, but for people like me, it is a killer.

    When I learned all this 3 years ago, I had already cut down on saturated fat to address my blood pressure spikes, but this confirmed to me that I was on the right track. My fantastic new integrative doctor was able to help get the leaky gut issue resolved about a year ago. I have reversed the conditions that created the plaque, but so many years of high saturated fat and leaky gut mean I am looking at a stent and aortic valve replacement. My CIMT shows lots of plaque, but no soft plaque. Hopefully that means no new plaque is being created.

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    I like Rhonda Patrick, and I have watched all of her podcasts. I went looking on her foundmyfitness website specifically for the Joe Rogan #672 video (the above video is an excerpt from #672) to see what show notes that she might have included as I have some concerns about a few things she said in this clip on LDL-C/particles. Unfortunately foundmyfitness doesn't include Joe Rogan #672, but it does include most of the other podcasts that Rhonda Patrick did with Joe Rogan along with show notes. At a high level I agreed with everything she said, and that might be enough for most people to understand how to change their lifestyle for better health. However her explanation for instance on how sdLDL is formed as an example is not correct.

    Good news on your CIMT test result, and given that result hopefully you will have a lower risk going forward.
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