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How I went from 50-70% CAD blockage to 0% blockage in 4 months [Lab Results Included]

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  • How I went from 50-70% CAD blockage to 0% blockage in 4 months [Lab Results Included]

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share the good news I received just last week in the hopes that it will be an encouragement to others. This is my journey, so YMMV depending on your diet and epigentics, and the usual qualifiers. Note: My full name is Russell Shane Creamer, but I go by Shane. So that is why you see Russell in the images below.

    This journey really takes shape in March of 2019 when I decided to go and proactively get a CT Angiogram in March of 2019 based on Dr. Brewers's recommendation to testing done. It only costs $400.00 and takes 2 hours. The news I got was not good. I was 50-70% blocked in my LAD artery (the Widow Maker) with a Calcium core of 598. So after scrambling to see what could be done I found (2) great doctors who helped me reverse this condition: Dr. Essylsten and Dr. Ford Brewer who together gave me a new lease on life.

    Screenshot #1 of 4: The Radiology report bad news.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	CAD Blocked 00.jpg Views:	0 Size:	67.5 KB ID:	2232

    Screenshot #2 of 4: Why getting your CIMT test or CT Angiography is so necessary. Because it is 'ground truth' and shows you exactly what is going on.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	CAD Blocked 01.jpg Views:	0 Size:	178.3 KB ID:	2233

    So after devouring everything I could from both of them - Through their knowledge I learned the following:
    • Both clearly state that through diet, lifestyle management, and occasionally drugs when needed CAD reversal is possible.
    • Dr. Brewer made me aware that any high blood sugar was a leading cause of CAD and Heart disease because any blood glucose over 140 and you are burning up your arteries.
    • Dr. Essylsten shows hard case data that if you are willing to go Meat free (tasty but inflammatory to the body + fats), Oil free (tasty but inflammatory to the endothelial function of your cardiovascular system, and really ratchet up your plant consumption you can reverse and even accelerate your body's reversal of CAD disease. -

    My approach:
    1. Per Dr. Brewer I got a blood glucose monitor, greatly reduced my carbs, and applied the principles of intermittent fasting. My blood glucose went from 120 pre-meal / 180-200 post-meal to 85 pre-meal and 110-115 post meal in 30 days.
    2. Per Dr. Essylsten I went Meat and Oil free, really cranked up my cruciferous vegetables and found some tasty recipes that made it work for me.

    My Results as of July 2019 Perfusion study to see if I had made any progress: I don't know if this is typical, but these results are mine.
    • I now have 0% blockage of my arteries as confirmed by perfusion study.

    Screenshot #3 of 4: My July 2019 Perfusion study now shows 0% blockage of my LAD. The bottom right of this image shows the Scores: 100% normal and 0% blocked for my LAD, LCX, and RCA.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	CAD Reversal 06.jpg Views:	0 Size:	138.4 KB ID:	2234

    Screenshot #4: Others have made the same reversal
    Click image for larger version  Name:	CAD Reversal 01.jpg Views:	0 Size:	74.1 KB ID:	2235

    I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for having mercy on me, and for showing me what to do when I cried out for help. I feel that He didn't want to "Shazam!" instant heal me because we wanted my Test to become my Testimony that what Dr. Brewer and Dr. Essylsten provide really works.

    And my heartfelt gratidue to Dr. Brewer and Dr. Essylsten for having the desire to help others. Restoration of health is possible.

    Kind Regards and God Bless,
    Russell (Shane) Creamer - Now 50 years Young!


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    Congratulations Shane!!!!! This is great news and must be positive and encouraging to all of us!
    Dr Brewer must be glad to hear this!!!! Hope he sees this!!!!

    Few questions for you or other experts -
    Is MPI better than CT Angio scan?
    Did you take any supplements like Mg, K or Vit D etc? Or were you deficient? Did you have BP or hypothyroidism?

    Lastly, thanks for posting this great news! :thup


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      Interesting. I would like to hear more details about the before and after as frankly it just about sounds too good to be true. Normally I would ask about health markers like before and after cholesterol panel results and stuff like that, but I can't imagine that anything approaching normal would account for the reported change.


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        Shane, perfect. This seems to agree with the fact that out of 23,000 cardiologists in the US, only one credible one recommends eating meat.

        Did you take a statin?
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          Checking back in and want to respond to some of the questions:
          VenSub - I did not have to use Vitamin D, etc. I used Chronometer to make sure I was getting my major vitamins through diet. Thanks to the plant based diet my BP has went from 160/100 to 140/90 unmanaged (12-14 hours without food) to 110/75 when I eat a Plant Based diet.Some supplements that I did use was Amla powder (very potent antioxidant to help restore endothelial), Flax Seed to get my Omega 3/Omega 6 balance into good ratios and also reduces BP by an average of 10-20 points on top and 5-10 points on bottom with regular use.

          • [Amla Powder] https://bmccomplementalternmed.biome...906-019-2509-5
          • [Amla Powder]
          • [Flax Seed]
          • Click image for larger version  Name:	Amla 01.jpg Views:	0 Size:	37.7 KB ID:	2283

          @sthubbar - I did not take a Statin. I used Flax Seed and Amla powder to get my Cholesterol down low and under control. My cholesterol is now 134 total/77 LDL/40 HDL.
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          • fatmax
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            What was your Lp-PLA2 (and any other inflammation markers) after each test?
            According to your reference,, generic Lipitor was more effective than Amla powder (which is a widely available supplement online).
            It would be wonderful indeed if a new, simple therapy was available to control progression of atherosclerosis, but I'm skeptical that Indian Gooseberry extract and 4 months of eating green leafy veggies will have any value.
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          • fatmax
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            Here is a sobering comparison of CT Angiography versus Nuclear Stress Test (Myocardial Perfusion Imaging):

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          Thanks for adding some background info. I am much more familiar with the CAC score and CT angiogram tests than the Perfusion study test. Usually a person gets a doctor's referral for a CAC score/CT angiogram and then is referred to a cardiologist when the CAC score is as high as your CAC score. I guess that some people do a CT angiogram without getting a high CAC score first, and that trend may increase with the low costs of some CT angiogram providers. With the result that you showed, you would normally end up prescribed a statin. Can you provide something on how those conversations went and why your cardiologist preferred the Perfusion study test to show any progress after only four months? What did your doctor/cardiologist say when they saw the Perfusion study test results? If your diet/lifestyle changes resulted in a dramatic decrease in heart disease, then those changes should have significantly reversed the amount of calcium in your arteries. It would be interesting to see a CAC score from afterwards.
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          • rich
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            I had a CT Angiogram that looked primarily at aortic valve, but also looked at arteries. It found I had plaque in some arteries, but underestimated the severity. It took a heart catheterization to determine how bad it was. Echo's didn't find it over a 3 year period. I've gotten very suspicious that many of these tests are not very accurate and often over or under-estimate calcification.

            If it was me, I would want to have a calcium scan or a CIMT just to be sure.

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          It's in our plan to have me go back and do another CT Angiography in March of 2020 and possibly another Nuclear Perfusion Stress test at the approximate 1 year anniversary. My cardiologist is very old-fashioned and thinks that some people just have 'spontaneous reversal' and I got lucky and that's that. Since I am now officially classified as 'not at risk by' my insurance all subsequest tests will have to be done out of pocket, so that means next year for me.

          Also my cardiologist doesn't care about any before/after case studies of the Essylsten protocol, or the studies that Dr. Brewer provides about the inflammation/CAD disease connection and frankly doesn't want to look at how lowering your blood glucose levels to under 140 means you quit burning up your arteries - Which I find a bit baffling. Especially if those studies are backed up with invasive cardiac angiography? -

          fatmax - Good question. The reason I chose to use the Amla over the Statin is that Statins have some pretty ugly symptoms as side effects, and as Dr. Brewer's latest videos on Stopping Statins can be serious if you ever want to come off of them. Amla has none of those issues. So when I looked at the Amla vs. Statin risk/reward it sure seems that Amla has similar benefits but no serious side effects like Statins do. So Amla became my first choice.

          Kind Regards,
          Shane Creamer
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          • fatmax
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            Miracles don't happen.
            Get a second opinion.
            It's your life that's at risk.

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          fatmax - This isn't about miracles. This is about newer scientific discoveries like what Dr. Brewer is communicating. Take a serious look at the following article with before/after invasive angiograms as proof and demonstrate where the inadequacy is?


          • sthubbar
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            Shane Creamer; thank you for the sharing. Truly inspirational.

          • fatmax
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            Best of luck to you.

          • rich
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            Shane, I think what some of us are having trouble understanding is how that much improvement could happen in 4 months. Relief from angina in 4 months, certainly possible. Reduction of 70% plaque in LAD to 0% in 4 months, questionable. I am familiar with Dr Esselstyn's studies, and he didn't see this kind of improvement in 4 months, if my memory is correct.

            No one is questioning your truthfulness, but questioning whether that much reversal in 4 months is possible. A CIMT, I believe, is about $150 and is probably the cheapest test if you want to confirm the results of the perfusion study.
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          Do I have this straight..... Your original diagnosis was with a cardiac calcium scan which showed a 598. And a CT Angiogram which showed 50-70% blockage. Then 4 months later you had another test called a perfusion, which showed you as having 0% blockage?

          If this understanding is correct, I would be suspicious of the perfusion results and would want to get another calcium scan done to confirm your good news. At my local hospital a CAC scan is $99 out of pocket. Where you are I am betting it is even cheaper. If you really have cleared your arteries of plaque, your calcium score should be 0 or near 0.

          Like Rich says, we believe you, but what concerns me as that the test that is showing you these miraculous results is not the same test that detected the problem. The perfusion study could be giving you a false negative. False negative means the test shows a fine result but in reality you still have the problem.

          Cuzz if Esselstynes program were really this effective, that it could knock plaque down by THAT much in that little time, every doctor in the world would be using it.

          Keep us posted.


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            To David and Rich that sounds completely resonable.

            I will get an updated CIMT test done later this year, earlier next. I actually had a CIMT test in August of 2018 that gave me a Calcium score of 0. So I thought life was great and I was at 0% blockage until the CT Angiography test I took in March of 2019 showed my results that you can see above. So the results of the CT Angiography gave me an update Calcium score of 598.

            So my original CIMT test didn't find the plaque that the CT Angiography did. I think I will find a different CIMT lab in Phoenix to make sure I get another CIMT score with different equipment. Then later on I will try to get another CT Angiography and see the before/after results of that as well.

            Open Question: How confident are we in the results appear to be accurate?
            A great question - So I went back and asked the Lab technician how do we know my results are valid? He stated that if you look at the scan image above screenshot #3 If they see significant 'white' increase that is the sign that the LAD is dilating correctly. Because they found no artifacts he said the scan is clean. But if we take it again in year we'll be able to be much more confident in the results. As you all mentioned no scan is 100% accurate,

            The Technician also gave me this: Technician felt that the Boresight of my LAD in this next screenshot appears to confirm that there is no blockage of the Jelly donught of the LAD vessel. It gets bigger and whiter (more open) the harder I work on the stress treadmill from Left (at rest) to Right (150 HBPM). He said I should feel pretty good about this result since they appear to cross corroborate each other.

            Crosscheck Boresight shot of the LAD: Observe the LAD gets bigger and that the far right image of the LAD 'jelly donught' has no black/dark purple blockage in this boresight view.
            Click image for larger version  Name:	Clean scan 02.jpg Views:	0 Size:	52.8 KB ID:	2321

            So where does this leave me?
            I think others have raised some valid concerns and that a double-check of the results is valid. So for now I feel about 85-95% confident that it is a valid scan and that I have improved from where I was in March. So how about I leave the post as *POTENTIALLY* improved until I get my 2nd CIMT at a different lab, 2nd CT Angiography, and 2nd Perfusion echo in the future.

            Can one of the moderators re-edit the Title of this thread to perhaps something like Potentially Improved from 70% to 0% - So that while promising, it still awaiting definitive verification?

            Kind Regards,
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            • David
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              Very smart move to get retested Shane. And I hope with all my heart that you come back with a 0 score on retest. Either way, I hope you revisit this topic when you get retested and let us know how you did.

              And if you come back w/ a 0, I will most certainly revisit my attitude towards Dr. Esselstyne's program!!

            • Tom
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              Shane, A minor point on your comment on CIMT test providing a calcium score of 0. A CIMT test is a specialized ultrasound test of your carotid arteries which provides information on plaque levels. A CAC score looks at calcium levels in the heart area, and it uses a CT scanner. Those are two different technologies. From your response did you perhaps have a second CAC score test which indicated a 0 score after four months? That would be very interesting but also very different from a CIMT test result.

            • rich
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              There's also the possibility that the CT angiogram was in error. If I'm reading this correctly, you had 2 tests showing 0 and 1 showing 70. There is also the small possibility that a CIMT, which measures plaque in carotid arteries, was in error because it doesn't directly measure plaque in the heart arteries. A CAC might be a better follow-up test.

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            HI Shane,
            Congrats on improving your health.Recommendation to get a CT Calcium Score (CT of the coronary arteries) when you can.
            MANY think it is not possible to reverse "hard" plaque significantly.
            Interestingly, Amgen has studies in 2017 where they showed Repatha + a Statin brought LDL-C sooo low that after a year and a half there was less
            calcium in the same arteries amongst many of the studies participants. The LDL-C was said to be in the range of 20's to 30's.


            • laketahoebob
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              It will be interesting to see if the 1% reduction (average in their report) in calcification leads to any improvement in endpoint risk. I have had LDL levels as low as 31mg/dL, but this level was not sustained because muscle pain problems required me to stop using Zetia after 5 months.

            • Tom
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              It is the soft plaque that is more reversible than calcified hard plaque, and soft plaque is what causes heart attacks and strokes. Most heart attacks occur in arteries that are less than 60% occluded. Unless the hard plaque is significantly obstructing blood flow, I wouldn't worry so much about it and concentrate on soft plaque.

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            Very positive! Congrats


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              what is your diet exactly here???
              the reason I ask is dr Esselstyn and Dr Brewer
              see differently on diet,dr Brewer not plant based currently
              like dr Esselstyn.


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                pardon me for not responding earlier. And thank you very much for the earlier acknowledgments. How are things going at this point? Are you still planning to get follow-up studies over the next few weeks? I know your story received a lot of skepticism. And I appreciate your willingness to check again. I think that was wise. There are a couple of things in favor of your story that many might have missed. You're 50. That means that your existing plaque may have been very young. Young plaque is much easier to reverse. And because you're 50, you're much more likely to be able to heal those arteries upon reversal of that plaque. No matter which way you look at your story, the following is true. If you were headed down that diabetic highway and reversed it forever, you've saved yourself a lot of healthy life; perhaps decades. Thanks again. And post us when you can.