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Bernie Sanders Heart Attack and Use of Statins?

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  • Bernie Sanders Heart Attack and Use of Statins?

    Glad I stopped rousuvastatin shortly after I stopped ezetimibe. I can attest to the improvement in cognition and overall energy after stopping the statin.

    Here are links to the two presentations referenced at the end of the video:

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    I haven't seen much of anything on whether Bernie Sanders had been on some therapy to reduce his heart attack/stroke risk prior to the recent event. The cardiologist in the video hopes that Bernie Sanders doesn't get put on a high dose statin, and he then morphs that discussion into the perceived benefits of higher LDL-C (most likely through a ketogenic diet). Although a lot of doctors/cardiologists would probably put a younger male on a high dose statin, I am not sure at Bernie's age. Rather than a binary choice of either a high dose statin or no statin, how about a low dose statin which will lower cardiovascular inflammation likely without any of the potential side effects? What about that brain issue with cholesterol that was also brought up? To my understanding cholesterol doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier, so what you have in the brain was made in the brain. Can a statin influence that brain cholesterol pool? Yes, if it is a lipophilic (or hydrophobic) statin (see list below). What would I do if I was Bernie? I would take 5 mg rosuvastatin daily if that amount is tolerable as a very small percentage of the population cannot take any statin. Rosuvastatin doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier.

    I myself started out in 2013 with a prescription for 20 mg/daily of simvastatin and didn't feel right after a while. After a couple of months, I pondered whether to stop taking it altogether. I decided to half the dose, and the side effects went away. I credit that 10 mg/daily of simvastatin for five years, before I converted over to rosuvastation, for me having a much lower amount of soft plaque in my carotid arteries than usual for my age (CIMT arterial age). I did show one higher risk discrete plaque which I hope is partially/fully calcified by now given my improvement in my lifestyle, but I am mindful of that increased risk when I do a risk analysis/risk management including my liver enzymes.
    Hydrophilic Statins
    • Rosuvastatin
    • Pravastatin
    • Fluvastatin
    Lipophilic Statins
    • Atorvastatin
    • Simvastatin
    • Lovastatin
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      If my inflammation markers hs-CRP, Lp-PLA2, and sdLDL increase then I'll consider restarting low-dose rosuvastatin. For now, I'm concentrating on diet, supplements, and exercise to control inflammation. It is interesting that with a half-life of 19hrs, a 5mg/day dose of rosuvastatin results in about a sustained 8.5mg concentration in the body.

      According to this article, hydrophilic statins do affect the brain:
      Statins and their influence on brain cholesterol
      "According to the data reported thus far, statins may influence brain cholesterol metabolism directly (because they are able to penetrate BBB no matter whether they are hydrophilic or lipophilic) and also indirectly (by lowering plasma cholesterol). Although the definite mechanism is not known yet, it becomes obvious that statins do not only influence peripheral but also central cholesterol pool."

      But, perhaps the article is wrong, as there are other publications which say they can't penetrate the BBB.
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