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Ivor Cummins interview with Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

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  • Ivor Cummins interview with Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

    Ivor Cummins recently interviewed Dr. Malcolm Kendrick and I believe he said thapt plaques start in the coronary arteries first and secondly go to the carotid artery’s. However, Dr Brewer states that when plaques form that they are systemic throughout all the arteries, especially areas of turbulent flow. Am I misunderstanding? Also Dr. Kendrick believes that the main benefit from statin drugs comes from its ability to increase nitric oxide. Which statin is the most effective for increasing nitric oxide?

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    I listened to that podcast, but I was not impressed. I like Ivor Cummins. The problem is that some of Ivor Cummins guests express opinions without really elaborating on the mechanism behind those opinions (they ramble on a lot), and as long as they stay in his lane of interest in general he doesn't question those opinions. Is it true that statins increase nitric oxide? Yeah, I can believe that in general as there are several pleiotropic effects of statins beyond LDL-C reduction, in particular for the statins which are better at reducing cardiovascular inflammation (e.g. rosuvastatin and livalo come to mind). Is that increase in nitric oxide the most important benefit of statins? I agree with Dr. Brewer and many others that reduction of cardiovascular inflammation is likely number 1.


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      Thanks Tom! I knew I would get a detailed response from you.