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Ronald Krauss - Human Lipoprotein Responses and Cardiovascular Risk

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  • Ronald Krauss - Human Lipoprotein Responses and Cardiovascular Risk

    There have been mixed opinions about whether doctors should treat those on low carb diets who end up with significantly higher levels of LDL-C, due to increased saturated fat intake, the same as they would the traditional high risk patient. This video of Ron Krauss provides an interesting perspective. Ron Kruass has had a long career as a physician/researcher, and to his credit he has seen patients throughout his career as an important part of his work. His early work produced some of the groundbreaking knowledge on the role of LDL particles in cardiovascular disease, and in particular the distinction between Pattern A and Pattern B (more small dense particles) along with the development of sub-fraction analysis of LDL and HDL particles. The bottom line is that the Pattern A vs. Pattern B response should be considered when determining cardiovascular risk factors in general. For those who have higher risks for cardiovascular disease, carbohydrate restriction to a degree and lowering of triglycerides in particular along with reducing weight are for 90% of people the primary goals. However, there are still 7-10% or so people who have genetic factors that maintain Pattern B LDL particle distribution regardless of diet and weight. Those people still need to be evaluated for increased risk. He also discusses dairy intake in the Q&A section at the end for those curious about that aspect. Overall a very interesting video.
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