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New ACC/AHA High Blood Pressure Guidelines Lower Definition of Hypertension

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    It seems this new guideline for 120 comes from the "Sprint Trial", but again I don't seem to be able to access the PDFs. This comes from 2016 or later and that should be better data than what I've found from around 2001.

    I love how my tax dollars fund the study and the writing of the study, but I have to pay $35 to read it. LOL

    Maybe some conclusions are on the study website, but I can't find them right now:


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      This is what I was referring to on why some doctors don’t support the elderly having as low of blood pressure as younger people.

      Blood pressure and mortality in elderly people aged 85 and older: community based study”

      Key messages
      • Among community residents aged 85 and older there was a paradoxical inverse relation between blood pressure and all cause mortality: higher blood pressure was associated with lower mortality
      • This inverse relation seems mainly to be due to higher mortality in those with low blood pressure; low blood pressure seems to be caused by poor health
      • There was no longer a significant relation between blood pressure and all cause mortality after adjusting for health status. However, there was a positive relation between diastolic blood pressure and mortality from both cardiovascular causes and stroke
      • Treating hypertension does not shorten life expectancy among elderly people aged 85 and older, and it might prevent disability from stroke