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What is Optimal Blood Pressure?

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  • What is Optimal Blood Pressure?

    HI All,

    I used to think I was ok in the 120's/80's and maybe a bit higher if I was nervous in dr. office (white coat syndrome) but I have recently
    been lead to believe otherwise.
    In the Beat the Heart Attack Gene Dr Bale and Amy Boneen say that if systolic is > 120 AND/OR Diastolic is > 80 your blood pressure is high
    and you need to get it under wraps and quick by lifestyle change, medicine if needed!

    I thought this was just their view and I remember Dr. Ozner the famous cardiologist from Palm Beach, Fl saying in his book that you should strive for a systolic < 110 and diastolic < 75.
    Boy am I confused as the medical industry can be really off like this here?!
    I went in sometimes and admittedly a bit nervous and I might have been 128/85 and dr said that was good pressure and no worries at all?!

    My instinct would tell me that Dr. Ozner is onto something here which in essence is probably in line with the Bale/Doneed method I'm thinking?

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    I think that's a great question. I have been wondering if these is a point that is considered too low. Assuming that hypertension is reversible, at what point can you have a real conversation with the Dr about reducing meds?


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      Good question indeed! Other aspect is BP measured at what time? Mornings are lower, but climbs up as work starts. I measured 140/75 after climbing 2 flight of stairs. Is 120/80 highest tolerable even after climbing two floors?

      Secondly I switched from Olmerstan to Ramipril after watching videos, but found that it’s causing bedroom issues. So stopped it temporarily.


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        Per Dr Gregor of - ideal is 110 / 70.
        I believe it is what we seek to aspire to. Whether we attain it or not depends on many factors including age, level of fitness, diet etc.


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          After your BP has been 140+/100+ for years and only just come down to 120-130/80-90 is it normal to feel a bit dizzy and have your pulse race when you stand up if your BP is 110/70 or lower? I can get and keep my BP that low with Telmisartan and Perindopril but if it goes even a bit under that I feel off and can't work as hard in the gym.

          I'm hoping it passes
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            Interesting article: