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  • OGTT -vs- A1C

    My last glucose test was 107. When I asked my PCP for an OGTT she said it wasn't necessary and that a finger stick A1C will tell you the same thing. Any truth to that?

    My appointments are very rushed. Can someone give me a quick one-liner like, "True, an A1C can establish_______, but an OGTT will____________."

    Thanks again.

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    An A1C can establish your recent lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.) with regards to your blood glucose, but an OGTT will stress your underlying glucose metabolism to a greater degree and tell you more about diabetes. Having insulin measurements with an OGTT will be better as far as understanding your underlying glucose metabolism. Several articles have come out recently indicating how poorly A1C measurements actually indicate diabetes. By the time an A1C measurement indicates diabetes, you are well on your way to serious cardiovascular disease.
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      I agree with both points. We've recently been able to negotiate with Quest/CHL an insulin test to go along with the components of the OGTT, and an addition hour on the OGTT. Both are helpful.


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        Is this test you arranged with Quest something that someone would be able to do "DIY"? Sounds like a slightly simplified Kraft survey.
        Also curious how much it costs ... As sometimes these get in the hundreds of $.

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      You should be able to do so. The OGTT alone is usually about $50 DIY. But adding the insulin ramps it up more. I am working with Michelle and the group to see if we can offer the KRAFT test alone to ship to you. We also have an option to help you with IR and Metformin. Right now, that's still about $500 I think. We're working to improve the price. But it ends up being a really cheap way to get more of a complete exam.