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CGM and food for thought

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  • CGM and food for thought

    Having personally used CGM, my own experience was a real eye-opener. Certain foods, often containing hidden sugars, can produce surprisingly high readings.

    See this article (link below), posted today by the Duluth News Tribune, where another user discovered the value of CGM technology in his own health journey:

    Consider this -- The real power of CGM will be realised when the technology includes continuous INSULIN monitoring, paired with continuous glucose data. Think of such a system as a real-time version of the Kraft Insulin Profile.

    ​​​​​​Those of us who find ourselves somewhere on the long road from pre-diabetes to the full-blown diagnosis type-2 diabetes could benefit immensely from the opportunity to monitor, modify and reverse this terrible insidious pathology. The gradual loss of glucose homeostasis begins as a metabolic derangement, where insulin, cortisol, and multiple hormonal co-morbidities gradually fan the smouldering embers of cardiovascular inflammation into the blaze of devastating disease.
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    Whoever can make a home test or CGM-like test for insulin this is affordable is likely going to have a lot of business opportunities. Right now it takes a lot of lab equipment to measure insulin to my understanding.


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      I agree such a combined continuous monitor would be fantastic. However, I know if I keep my BG level in the 80s for the vast majority of the day by diet, my insulin level will be 10 or below. I do this almost all the time. And while I do have full blown diabetes, I’m also avoiding all of its effects and damage by keeping my BG level low! No diabetes meds, just diet. Lifestyle!