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Prolonged high blood sugar. Is this how IR develops?

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  • Ford Brewer
    Good points. I wish just 20% of the adult population knew that core "owner's manual" information for the middle-aged human body. Unfortunately, that would be about 19.9% more than know that currently.

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  • Prolonged high blood sugar. Is this how IR develops?

    Almost continuous high blood glucose/insulin levels, from age 1 up, i.e. the standard American diet, directly damages the pancreas. After enough damage is done, the pancreas is no longer is able to produce enough insulin in a short period of time, 1 hour, to keep BG in the normal range. Normal response to BG is 83 and will never exceed 120, regardless of what we eat if our pancreas is functioning normally. As this damage to the pancreas continues, the volume of insulin the pancreas is able to produce continues to drop. While our BG levels are above ~83, the pancreas continues to produce insulin at its full capacity. But over time the damage being done means it produces less and less insulin. This means it takes longer and longer to bring BG/insulin levels back to normal. These sustained high levels of insulin do damage to our entire body, especially our pancreas and blood vessels. As our blood vessels are damaged, the body starts depositing plaque in our artery walls to repair the damage. Pockets of this repair material builds up in the artery walls. Sometimes these festering pockets of material burst like a pimple on a teenagers face, and spew into the blood stream. Instant clot! A heart attack or stroke occurs. Possibly death! But that takes 30-60 years. The telltale visible sign that this process has started is weight gain. We are currently seeing an explosion of fat kids. This current generation of kids will be killed at an even earlier age than we are being killed, by The Standard American Diet featuring three meals a day plus snacks between meals!