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    I've had mine since February and have never really been happy with it. Recently, the readings have gotten wilder and wilder and the repeatability was virtually non-existent. Yesterday, I contacted Keto-Mojo and had a pleasant 15 minute conversation with one of their support personnel. Here is what I learned:

    1) The FDA (or whatever regulatory agency oversees such things) only demands that home meters have an accuracy within 20%. She and I both agreed that was a bit absurd and pointless. Keto-Mojo tries to keep their machines calibrated within a 7%-10% accuracy range. 10% still seems rather large to me, but it is what it is.
    2) If you've bought Keto-Mojo's glucose strips recently, you'll noticed that they no longer read Hb g/dL. The reason was that the FDA was getting so many complaints over how inaccurate they were that they asked Keto-Mojo to disable that feature. Personally, I was getting readings that were normal and then 1 minute later on the same prick I would get a reading that showed severe anemia.
    3) She sent me some control solution to see if it is my machine or me. If it's my machine they will send me a new one.

    Here are some tips she gave me to help narrow the range of my readings. If you're an old pro this is old news. However, I thought I'd share for anyone struggling with the issues.
    1) Wash hands with warm water and PLAIN soap (no scents or crazy additives in soap).
    2) Keto-Mojo recommends swabbing the area with alcohol, but that can contaminate the results so try with and without alcohol use to see which yields the better results.
    3) Wipe away the first drop of blood. Only use the second drop for readings.
    4) Make sure the drop of blood is 'significant' in size. Using too small of a drop of blood can skew the results.
    5) Readings from the same hand but different fingers should be within 5% of each other. However, readings between hands can vary significantly. Maybe Dr. Brewer can explain why.

    If anyone knows of a better device (accurate and repeatable) than Keto-Mojo please speak up. I bought it because it got great reviews, but as I said earlier, I've never been completely happy with it.
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    For testing my blood sugar, I prefer the Walmart Reli-on brand. It seems more accurate and the strips are MUCH cheaper. As for ketones, I have only ever used the Keto Mojo. So I am not sure how it compares to other ketone meters. It's disappointing that the keto mojo ketone strips are so expensive.


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      I agree with using a dedicated blood glucose meter. I've been using the Contour Next series recently. I've seen a lot of people doing keto that just want to get one meter, but the cost of the BG meter is basically nothing in the long term, and the strips are much cheaper. My BG meter readings are very repeatable. For ketones, I use Precision Xtra (Abbott).


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        This past weekend I bought a Contour Next. Its repeatability is spot on. It consistently reads 7-10 points lower than my Keto-Mojo. I got my control solution from Keto-Mojo and tested it and according to the control solution my Keto-Mojo is spot on though it still has wild repeatability issues. I now have no idea what to think or which to believe. Without being able to compare anything to lab grade results I feel like everything is just a guess.
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          Anyone using keto mojo to test ketones? I just started and my ketone reading is 02. Is that .02? or 2? I'm so confused...


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            I bought a Keto-Mojo earlier this summer after getting a Contour Next One to just test my BG. The K-M glucose strips were cheaper than what I was finding the Contour Next ones for which is why I got the second meter. I also liked the idea of testing ketones.

            Well, I was feeling pretty happy with myself because my K-M BG readings were getting lower, with fasting even going into the 80's, not normal for me, usually mid '90's. But, I had been eating HFLC so thought maybe I was just improving.

            Then I found out about the ReliOn meters and that their strips were way cheaper, so I decided to get one. However, it registered way higher than the K-M! I then found the Contour Next strips at Walmart were pretty reasonable after all so I got some to do a side by side.

            I found the ReliOn to be higher than the other 2, by 20 points over the K-M on one comparison, but closer to the Contour Next. I even repeated the K-M during one testing session and got a 10 pt difference.

            So, I dunno. With the K-M testing so much lower than the other two, and hearing the Contour is supposed to be fairly accurate, I'm leaning towards using the Contour Next One. Don't get me wrong, I "like" the lower numbers, just don't think they're real and don't want to fool myself!

            I did test my FBG with the K-M right after having labs done and it was 10 pt lower than the lab result.


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              Are you still using the Mojo?


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                I haven't used it for a few months. Are you using it?


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                  I'm finding the K-M is always 15 to 25 higher than my Contour Next. The C N is closer to my Freestyle Libre CGM after 10 to 15 mins. I'm contacting support but for now I'm taking an average of all 3 and calculating the gki from thier site.