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  • “New research” ??
    What do you think of this? I find the opposite to be true.

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    Ah, yeah the never ending Internet battle on which diet is best. The problem with a one-size fits all diet scenario is that people are genetically different along with significant changes in metabolism as we age coupled with a person's overall health status. I heard something recently that I thought was good advice. We need macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, and so any diet a person follows long-term should provide enough of both (but not too much). For a breakdown of the three macro-nutrients:
    1. Carbs - Eat enough to provide fuel for the body in general, but make sure that fasting glucose is kept low-enough (~85 mg/dL) to prevent long-term damage from both high glucose and resulting high insulin levels. The amount and type of carbs that we can eat as we age may be different and likely more restricted (fruit as an example because fructose consumption becomes a problem for many people).
    2. Protein - Eat just enough protein in order to achieve and maintain adequate muscle mass and prevent sarcopenia in old age. A person would also need to exercise to make this work well.
    3. Fats - The rest has got to be fat. Pick fats which work well with your genetics as shown on blood lipid panel markers. Some people can metabolize saturated fat better than others. Find out and adjust accordingly.
    A person could add a whole bunch more and make a book out of this, but starting with the basics helps.

    I think that a short-term keto diet, even periodic cycling in and out of ketosis, has long-term health benefits for the broader population. However, there is a genetic/biological reason why the bulk of people who lived in the Artic region cannot enter ketosis well. If ketosis was so great long-term, there wouldn't have been a very strong genetic selective sweep (CPT-1a variant) to reduce the ketone-making ability in this population who otherwise would have been the perfect candidates for permanent ketosis.

    My thought on a vegan approach is based upon how well items 1, 2 and 3 are fulfilled. I suppose that it is possible, but not easy. If it is not easy, how many people actually do it well? Again, it may work well for some people for periods of their lives.


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      Robin: This is definitely a vegan propaganda film. Here is the cast of well known characters behind “Mastering Diabetes”. You are wise to be critical of this type of misinformation.

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        Great feedback thanks you two.