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How often to redo tests?

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  • How often to redo tests?

    My Vitamin D level came back low and I read it is recommended to redo the test 4x the half-life (15 days) which would mean in 2 months, assuming some intervention is done during that time.

    What is the general consensus on how often to redo CIMT, CAC and blood work assuming that we have taken some action in an attempt to improve them?

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    Usually, your vitamin d will test lowest in late winter and highest in summer. I have to supplement at a higher dose in winter and then back off in late spring.

    My personal opinion:

    Blood work - quarterly for problem areas I am trying to correct and paying for my own labs. Some drugs and supplements may cause a much quicker change. Some tests I get yearly and some quarterly. With my doctor, problem areas are usually retested every 4 to 6 months.

    CIMT, CAC - yearly

    ETA: In response to Tom's post I thought I should make my post clearer. The time intervals I used were when I am trying to fix something. Maintenance time intervals would be much longer.
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      rich, great thanks. So it seems that if i'm up for it that running blood tests every 4 months is reasonable.

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    You may well get a wide range of opinions on timing for medical testing. In my thinking, it depends upon your health status first and health concerns second. Some people are very concerned about the results of one of more tests, and maybe more frequent testing provides some comfort that nothing bad is happening. I got enough detailed tests done in order to specifically understand my inflammation and lipid profiles along with CAC score and CIMT test as a baseline. Of course you can get a gazillion medical tests these days, but once you have a baseline and live healthy does it help to repeat those frequently? For me, the answer is no. I will get a basic standard set of labs every six months or so. I will get a repeat of CAC score and CIMT test every five years or so.