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    Based upon the Dr Brewer's videos, it seems CIMT test is more than mere imaging test like X-Ray. But some skill is required on the part of the radiologist for measurement, angle etc.
    How do I find a good CIMT centre? Any recommendations for Dallas?


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    Knowing what I know now, I would contact CardioRisk Labs to see if/when they can provide CIMT test service in the DFW area if that is where you live.

    I got my CIMT test done in the DFW area at Bent Tree Family Physicians office, but it was sort of a special deal because I was at that time the only non-patient that they had ever done a CIMT test for because I live overseas. I have no idea on whether they would continue this for others who also aren't patients, and so I would try CardioRisk Labs first.
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      Dr J Paul Sanders in Dallas has CardioRisk come out every 6 months or so. I had a test in his office on April 15th of this year. I called them last week and they said that they don’t have anything scheduled at this time. CardioRisk tells me he’s the only one in Dallas that does the CIMT without been a patient of his. It was $220 for the test. His office number is (214) 361-5432. Let me know what you find out.


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        Thanks Tom and Tesla for the info!