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Substantial Drop In eGFR

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  • Substantial Drop In eGFR

    I got some lab results back several months ago and I just recently connected some dots. I recently realized that my eGFR dropped 7 points in 2 1/2 years! It went from a 94 to 87. I'm in my mid-40's. I take 100mg of metoprolol for blood pressure, 10mg of lipitor. I'm not diabetic. A1c 4.6 and rarely does my blood glucose get above 115/120 even after a meal. Needless to say I'm quite concerned. Everything else looks good. The labs were drawn at Quest. Does anyone have any idea what would cause such a significant drop? From what I've been able to read that is the kind of drop one would expect over a decade not 2 1/2 years.

    Urea Nitrogen (BUN) 11 mg/dl
    Creatine 1.05 mg/dl
    Sodium 141 mmol/L
    Potassium 4.8 mmol/L
    Choloride 102 mmol/L
    Carbon Dioxide 27 mmol/L
    Calcium 9.8 mmol/L
    Protein (total) 7.6 g/dL
    Albumin 4.9 g/dL
    Globulin 2.7 g/dL
    Albumin/Globulin ratio: 1.8
    Bilirubin (total) 1.0
    Alkaline Phosphate 62 U/L
    AST 19 U/L
    ALT 27 U/L

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    Maybe something temporary happened. Below are a few possibilities with dehydration a possibility if you were fasting and also not drinking any water.

    Have there been any causes of insults to the kidneys? For example:


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      Tom, the short answer is no to all of those. I did a three day fast about a week before blood was drawn but I was fully hydrated during the fast. Any other ideas? I’m just wondering if it was a fluke or if something happened to my kidneys?


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        No other ideas come to mind.

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      FWIW, my EGFR sometimes goes below 60, the bottom normal number. I have some degree of insulin resistance and some coronary plaque. But otherwise am very active and healthy. When I ask my doctor about this he always points to hydration status and never seems worried. I find it difficult to get a straight answer on this. Very frustrating. Why bother measuring it if sub par results just get ignored?