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14 blood markers determine death risk

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  • 14 blood markers determine death risk

    According to this study, these 14 blood markers are the best indicator of 10 year mortality:

    XXL-VLDL-L Total lipids in chylomicrons and extremely large VLDL
    S-HDL-L Total lipids in small HDL
    VLDL-D Mean diameter for VLDL particles
    PUFA/FA Ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids to total fatty acids (%)
    Glc Glucose
    Lac Lactate
    His Histidine
    Ile Isoleucine
    Leu Leucine
    Val Valine
    Phe Phenylalanine
    AcAce Acetoacetate
    Alb Albumin
    GlycA Glycoprotein acetyls
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    I will admit to lightly reading the article as I didn't look at the tables, etc. I am not sure how much value this data might have in a real world application. I think that there are enough markers now which indicate current and future health trajectory for at least some chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes, but cancer as an example would be tough to predict.