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    I want to upload my lab report here but I don't know how. Please help.

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    OAG: To edit your post and be able to attach your lab results, click "edit" below your post. Then click the "Paperclip" which is the 3rd icon from the right in the toolbar. It will allow you to upload documents. It will direct you to your computer's document files and location. Just follow the prompts and click "Save" when done.


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      Editing a comment
      Thanks John, I tried to attach my lab report but I don't think it worked. When I click on "Post reply" it asks for a URL and as I am trying to attach either a screen shot or pdf of the lab, I don't have a URL.
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    OAG: If you are trying to attach a PDF and can’t do it, it’s likely because your file size is too large. Try a screenshot. I did reply to your comments on YouTube though. Here is your comment and my reply:

    John, I just received an E-mail and results of my GOTT. I did three draws, FASTING SPECIMEN was 113 H; 1 HOUR SPECIMEN was 166; and 2 HOUR SPECIMEN was227 H. Looks like the 1 and 2 hour numbers are too high (out of range), with only the 1 hour being in range. Thanks for your help. OAG

    OAG: I'm sorry to say your results clearly meet the ADA guidelines for Type 2 diabetes. Your 2-hour level is over 200 but should be below your 1-hour level (I have that delayed response too - watch this video A fasting level of 113 and 1-hour of 166 is very high too. You should take your results to your doctor ASAP and have a serious face-to-face conversation. This is your likely cause of CVD. Discuss medication too (Metformin). You should also seriously consider following a very low-carb diet with no grains (pasta, cereal, potatoes, rice, bread, crackers, etc.), no potatoes or other starchy vegetables, no fruits other than berries, no fruit juice or sodas, no foods with sugar added. Get as much intense exercise as you can tolerate with you doctor's permission, of course.