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Jet Velocity and Max Velocity

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  • Jet Velocity and Max Velocity

    My recent echo uses the term aortic valve max velocity (m/s).

    Is this the same as Aortic Jet velocity (m/s)?

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    Sorry. I have not seen the term Jet velocity.


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      I believe they are the same thing. They both have the exact same parameters for mild/moderate/severe aortic stenosis.

      If my short term memory is working today, I believe it is the speed of the blood through the aortic valve. It appears to me, the more constricted the valve is, the faster the blood flows and the greater the pressure required to force the blood through the valve. So the 3 main parameters used to diagnose as are the aortic valve area, the max velocity (or jet velocity), and the mean pressure gradient. Typically as the valve area gets smaller, the max velocity and mean pg increase, but this is not always the case.
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