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Yale-led study offers promising approach to reducing plaque in arteries

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  • Yale-led study offers promising approach to reducing plaque in arteries

    Hi everyone, my name is Guy and I'm new to the forums but have been watching a lot of Dr. Brewer's videos on YouTube.
    My recent interest in the topics of this website and community resulted in google pushing many interesting articles on this subject to my feed.
    today, I received this publication that sparked my interest, but I didn't find a lot more on this research when googling it, other than a reference to a company by the name of VasoRX, Inc. which, according to the publication was established to "develop this targeted approach, using the RNAi drug delivered by nanoparticles as a potential therapy for atherosclerosis in people."
    I would be very interested to the thoughts of the experts here on this research.
    In a new Yale-led study, investigators have revealed previously unknown factors that contribute to the hardening of arteries and plaque growth, which cause heart disease. Their insight is the basis for a promising therapeutic approach to halt and potentially reverse plaque buildup and the progression of disease, the researchers said.

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    That approach sounds like it might well work, but most of the early promising research ultimately doesn't result in medications that are proven in randomized clinical human trials. Good that they keep trying as eventually some effective new drugs will come out. I still remember the hope for a drug which lowered PTP1B and "melted" plaque in one dose.