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OxPL/apoB relevance to cardiovascular disease risk

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  • OxPL/apoB relevance to cardiovascular disease risk

    There has been quite a bit of discussion about OxLDL tests and relevance to cardiovascular disease risk. It has been recognized for a while by the lipid research community that phospholipids on lipid particles (LDL family in particular) can become oxidized and create a higher risk for development of cardiovascular disease over time, especially for those with elevated Lp(a) levels. I anticipate that understanding a person's OxPL/apoB level will be considered as an important inflammatory marker in a few years for those practicing preventative medicine. In a nutshell work is progressing to the point where there should be a test that a person could order from one of the standard labs in the not too distant future. Sam Tsimikas is one of the principal investigators for a company investigating potential drug applications (yes I know big bad pharma if you want to go there). If you want to learn a bit, you can take a look at his Twitter account on this topic -
    He has a few interesting plots/pictorials about OxPL/apoB on that Twitter account. Here is one I thought interesting. Well, the image isn't displaying properly so go to the referenced Twitter account to see it. ​​