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2019 Novel Coronavirus

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  • 2019 Novel Coronavirus

    As a resident of Beijing, I don't feel in grave danger from the current virus outbreak. I have heard seemingly educated, honest reasonable people saying this is less dangerous than the common flu and others saying it could be one of the worst pandemics ever.

    Day to day, things are quiet. People stay home. The shops, restaurants and cafes are practcally empty or closed. This is not too abormal as Chinese New Year has just ended and.the city is always emptier during that holiday. Supermarket and convenience store shelves are full. Official word is to work from home this week and return to the office next Monday Feb 10th.

    So everything seemed ok, until reading the analysis and prediction in the Lancet which predicts the epidemic won't peak until mid to late April. They currently estimate100,000 cases versus the official numbers of less than 20,000.

    Since The Lancet is the second most respected global medical journal, I take their predictions seriously.

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    I just heard an interesting Science vs. podcast on the coronavirus.


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      Thank you for sharing. This is changing so fast that even 1 day old info is outdated. There are several YouTube channels providing daily updates.

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    Tom, I encourage you to check out Dr. Campbell's videos. He makes me nostalgic for the old school Ford Brewer videos where he held up paper to the webcam and tried to point at it. You know, before he went all Hollywood and hired makeup artists and image consultants.


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      Yeah, I have seen several of his videos and he is good.