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  • All-cause mortality

    Not really new research but thought I would post it anyway as I thought it was interesting. As a layperson who does not spend a lot of time reading medical research but does look at it from time to time, this always bothered me. If a drug in a trial reduces death from e.g heart attacks, why is there often no effect on all-cause mortality? I thought this article explained things nicely.
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    I think that the big issue is that these trials are very expensive and difficult to control all relevant factors until the participants have all (or even mostly) died. It is amazing that 5-6 years trials produce actionable outcomes, which is in part due to the choice of patients. It is not by chance that usually the most "unhealthy" of whatever group are chosen to determine if something bad is going to happen to a subset of them over the trial period.


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      Yeah, I guess it's what makes studying primary prevention for relatively healthy patients so difficult.


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        That is a great point. And a great reference. I've put it down in the queue for brief coverage.