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Good overview video on Afib

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  • Good overview video on Afib

    Since just under 20% of the population in the US will experience Afib at some point in their lives, I thought that this overview would be helpful for many in addition to the videos that Dr. Brewer has done on this topic and the other info here on Afib. Yes, I know that the video was made by a big pharma company (Sanofi), but I didn't see any bias in what they said.

    OK, I will add one more short video by a specialist who basically says if a person manages their risk factors, they might well not develop Afib. Not all specialists are there to rip us off for cash as their primary motivation.
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    Thanks for the citations. I sent them to a dear friend (age 33, prolonged high stress, horrible sleep patterns) complaining of the symptoms of Afib..