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Oral Pathogens and Cardiovascular Disease

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  • Oral Pathogens and Cardiovascular Disease

    One of the many probable causes of cardiovascular disease (CVD) are oral pathogens that are evident in periodontal disease. Some studies have shown a direct link between oral pathogens and atherosclerosis, while other studies just show an association. Either way, why take the chance of not being tested and knowing of you have any of the "smoking gun" pathogens.

    OralDNA MyPerioPath tests for 11 strains of pathogens shown to be involved in disease processes such as CVD. Here is a sample report. Knowing if you posses the strains gives your dentist a path forward in providing and effective treatment of your oral health and a possible way to stave off heart disease.

    I had the test performed (results below) and luckily my levels are either non-existant or below the level considered diagnostic for CVD.

    You can ask your dentist to order this test for you. I am not aware if OralDNA offers direct-to-consumer testing or not. To learn more go to:
    MyPerioPath - Sample Report John L. - MyPerioPath Actual Report