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Oral Pathogens and Cardiovascular Disease

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  • Oral Pathogens and Cardiovascular Disease

    One of the many probable causes of cardiovascular disease (CVD) are oral pathogens that are evident in periodontal disease. Some studies have shown a direct link between oral pathogens and atherosclerosis, while other studies just show an association. Either way, why take the chance of not being tested and knowing of you have any of the "smoking gun" pathogens.

    OralDNA MyPerioPath tests for 11 strains of pathogens shown to be involved in disease processes such as CVD. Here is a sample report. Knowing if you posses the strains gives your dentist a path forward in providing and effective treatment of your oral health and a possible way to stave off heart disease.

    I had the test performed (results below) and luckily my levels are either non-existant or below the level considered diagnostic for CVD.

    You can ask your dentist to order this test for you. I am not aware if OralDNA offers direct-to-consumer testing or not. To learn more go to:

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    Wow! This is so informative. I was just looking for a Torrance dentist because I have a major toothache now. I also want to know about the home remedies so that I can tolerate the pain till the time I get an appointment. It was wonderful coming across this informative post.


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      Look for a dentist who is a member of the Wellness Dentistry Network


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        Thanks for posting your report. The "High Risk pathogens" are labeled as high risk because they can cause perio disease. Do these same high risk pathogens carry a similar high risk for CVD? Thus, what makes these pathogens bad for gum disease also makes them bad for heart disease?


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          Yes, those same pathogens are indeed associated with CVD. it’s detailed out in these videos.


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            Thanks, John. I just did another video with Doug re: that today. It should come out mid-February. There's some new information implicating viral oral pathogens, such a hsv2. Have you seen that?


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              It is good to learn about the importance of this subject. Aroung two years ago my younger son was struggling with PFAPA episodes when I came across the paper below and realized the importance of our little fellow bacteria in the microbiota of the mouth. I also learned about a new research frontier in the field of Lantibiotics (antibiotics made by bacteria to fight other bacteria). Today I know that evil strep bacteria have a big foe that is also a strep type bacteria (streptococcus salivarius). Here is the link:
              i must add that my son's condition has improved significantly, from a monthly episode to about 3 in a year.


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                Here is another paper on the strep. Salivarius


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                  The supplements for Streptococcus salivarius K12 associated with Lactobacillus acidophilus can be found on line as "Inner ear support".
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                    Have you considered give up smoking? It's not healthy overall and does bad to your mouth. Luckily, I gave up cigarettes and purchased an e-cig from online ecig store - it spared me of many health problems.