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The Basics - Connecting Atherosclerosis to Glucose

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  • The Basics - Connecting Atherosclerosis to Glucose

    I'm trying to educate my friends and family to a topic which affects over the half the population. Sadly, I'm finding that most know very little.

    I developed the attached VERY BASIC chart as a conversation tool.

    This forum operates at a very high level, but I found the one page simple graphic attracts some interest at a basic level. Any thoughts to make it better without diving into the weeds would be appreciated.

    I look forward to exploring this new world and improving my cardiovascular health! Thanks all for making this possible.

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    Noble effort, but I think difficult because of all of the nuances. What I do think that is useful is to have people view some of Dr. Brewer's videos on this broad topic. He has a very good method of explaining the complex topic to audiences that have a mixed amount of background info.


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      Quanticus, what a great idea to educate your friends and family. I think this picture would be appropriate for "The New England Journal of Medicine".