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    Good Morning, my friends. My name is Antonio Orselli, from Santos-Brazil. 63 y.old, lawyer, computer programer, married, 1 son in his senior year of medical school. I always thought my family had a very good eating habits, not considering the junk food present in our lives. I was even making my own beer at home. things looked pretty good. I still have tried many times to lose weight, but always came back to my overweight position (40-50 lbs overweight). Then my brother had 2 bypasses this year and my family decided that I should see our cardiologist for screening. I did blood work, carotid, eco and heart ct scan which showed CAC score test of 700 with 2 arteries calcified and another one 70%+ blocked. This one really raised the yellow flag (or should I say the red flag?), since it is dangerous if it breaks loose. So here are the numbers, which I thought I was doing right for the past 10 years: Tried to control prediabetes, hbp, bmi >30 and finally ended up with CVD. Obviously I was totally wrong, so now I decided to take effective measures to revert this condition if it is all possible. I am beginning my reaserch and came across Dr. Ford youtubes and feel this is a place to start with. For the past months I have changed my diet completely, no more booze, no sugar, no pasta, no bread and very small portion of whole grain rice for lunch. Protein every other day and cut back on red meats. In two months I have lost 24 lbs. and I have reached bmi=29.5 that took me out of the obesity range and still going down. My a1c is 5.5. Fasting glucose about 75-95 testing 3 times a week. It was 145 before I began dieting. Blood pressure went down from 180/120 to 110/65. I feel great now but I am assymptomatic for any cardiac problem. I am walking daily in the morning and dawn and I have bought some books on diet / longevity which show very interesting facts - The Longevity Diet, Valter Longo, The Plant Paradox, Steven Gundry and I viewed some youtubes form Dr. John McDougall about starch diet, which I don't dare to follow because of the carb issues, so here I am, eligible to be a part of this wonderful forum by Dr. Ford. I hope I can learn to deal with this problem and also help others avoid the same mistakes and choices I made in my life which drove me to this point of being cardio sick. So, I am going to read this whole forum in order to understand the problem and begin treating and reverse this condition. Thanks to Dr. Ford and my best regards to all.

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    Welcome to the Forum. Sorry to hear of your serious health problems, but good that you have started to change your lifestyle and diet to lessen your future risk. Dr. Brewer made a lot of videos, and you can search through those for the ones which are most applicable to your current health status. Did by chance your doctor subscribe a statin for you? If so, you might want to check out Dr. Brewer's video on rosuvastatin as that is the generic statin of choice for reducing cardiovascular inflammation plus lowering LDL particles. Some people are also starting to switch to pitavastatin (Livalo), but it is still expensive compared to rosuvastatin.

    Dr. Brewer also has many videos where he discusses the triglyceride/HDL-C ratio which indicates insulin resistance and ultimately cardiovascular inflammation. It would be ideal if you could get an advanced lipid and inflammation panel, but those can be difficult to get in many countries and your triglyceride/HDL-C ratio is an easy to assess starting point. Here is one video specifically on that topic.

    Look through the many videos that Dr. Brewer has made (use the search function), and see what might be applicable to you. Dr. Brewer has started to provide an inexpensive inflammation series (about $30 US) if you want to get to the inflammation information in a direct fashion. All, or at least most of that information is already in the available videos. You just need to use time to search and view the videos.

    Good luck

    As a late edit, consider taking metformin. Dr. Brewer made several videos on pre-diabetes and how that relates to insulin resistance. If you do take metformin, check your vitamin B-12 levels from time-to-time as metformin is known to decrease vitamin B-12.
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