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  • Local doctors in Ohio

    Hi. I have been viewing Dr Brewer's videos for months now and have been learning quite a bit. My present heart doctor has checkups consisting of reading my blood labs and continuing my statins. While I am hesitant about statins, I will do what is best for my individual case. That being said, I want to see if their and any heart doctors in the Lima/Findlay area that work their practice in a more hands on manner like Dr Brewer. Would anyone know of any in this area? Thanks

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    Have you tried searching for Bale/Doneen provider in your area? I sorta stumbled upon this by accident when I was in your situation of looking for a provider to monitor my ongoing progress. I found one that is only an hour away from me. He preaches much of the same stuff that our own Dr. Brewer does. Give it a shot you might get lucky and find one close to you.