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  • Spam "attack"

    Hello all. For everybody's information, we've been receiving lots of spams since yesterday. Tom and I (mostly Tom) have been banning spammers and deleting posts, but the spamming isn't letting up. Cliede added new filters to stop the spams for now and restricted the sharing of links to only 3 per post. Hopefully, the solution resolves the issue.

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    We are also looking at better inherent security programs. We may have to migrate the Forum to the web site. We would have done that originally, but didn't have the resources. Please let us know if there is any significant challenge to users if we do that.


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      There are spam lists that are available that would allow you to upload a whitelist of addresses to your filters to proactively prevent this from happening. Another option, if your firewall permits, would be DPI (deep packet inspection) looking for whitelisted URL sites that would prevent their posting.

      I'll mention moving the Forum to the website won't help -- it is a matter of implementing the right rules in your firewall that work best for blocking and/or preventing. Not the easiest thing to prevent, but, like DOS, etc., there are tools to minimize these problems.


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        Spammers are the atherosclerotic plaque of forums