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  • Houston We Got A Problem!

    Well kind of and excuse the title if a bit dramatic. :-(...
    Have good bit of CAD (take Crestor, Zetia, and Niacin for) and mildly elevated BP averaging high 120's-130's / mid to high 80's and so my Bale Doneen doc put me on Ramapril 5mg. BID.
    Also take some magnesium, hawthorne, fish oil, D3, and ubiquinole, Anyway been taking Ramapril since late summer and last few months notice performance in bedroom lackluster to be kind .
    Looking and considering things now? Anyone else notice with this Medicine? Heard of another medication Perindopril that is QD (once a day) and supposed to be as good and considering that?
    Anyone have this experience with Ramapril, Perindopril? I'd liek to stay on ACE as it has antiinflammatory properties and even increases Heart function a bit I heard.

    I welcome all comments and suggestions here.
    Thanks in advance to anyone that weighs in!

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    While we usually say that stroke or angina/heart attack are typically the first symptoms of cardiovascular disease that are reported, in men often ED is really the first sign. When blood pressure is lowered, that is probably the final thing that results in ED when the underlying pathology is already in place. I would try one of the many drugs on the market for ED. All of the effects of cardiovascular disease on the main arteries also applies to the relatively small main blood vessels in the penis as plaque formation and narrowing will occur over time.
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      Thank you for your feddback here. I guess I can thank LPa for this. I was a runner years ago and was literrallt taking all breading off of chicken in college lunch room. Sad but my CAD is what it is
      and no fault of my own. Anyway, back to damage control mode here, I ask this question because I beleive I read another post regarding bedroom issues or something to that affect and the gentleman
      said he changed his Rx "FROM Ramapril". I love an ACEI of course and so am asking if maybe Perindopril might be better?? I think FatMax likes perindopril and it is QD instead of BID and supposed to have highest NO output?


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        You could try changing medications to see if that makes a noticeable difference. You might want to see if you can get a consult with a men's health clinic. I take L-Citrulline sometimes for vigorous exercise because it provides a boost of NO output. I just happened to notice that also seemed to make the late night adventure a little better.

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      Here is a good video on ED.


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        Thank you for all your feedback. You r awesome.


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          Here is an interesting video that I noticed recently. The premise of the video is that bacteria in the mouth play a role in converting the nitrates that we eat ultimately into nitric oxide (NO). If we use mouthwash that kills those bacteria, we lose some potential for NO production which ultimately is important for relaxing blood vessels to allow more blood to flow to places where you want it to go The second reference explains how this conversion happens.