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Mid 20s BMI Not Healthy?

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  • Mid 20s BMI Not Healthy?

    In a video Dr Brewer said a mid 20s BMI isn't healthy. So, my BMI should be no higher than 22? I have no health problems & am waiting for my Webinar 490 results. Thank you the 3:00 mark.
    Diabesity (Part 5): The 3 Big Diet Mistakes
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    22 is good. Mine is 22 as well. 25 and up is a problem.


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      BMI is a rough estimate of fat mass because some males with a good bit of muscle can be healthy with a higher BMI and conversely some skinny people with a lack of subcutaneous fat can have a lot of insulin resistance. BMI estimates are generally valid across the broad population, but not necessarily for each person. If you have a good bit of fat on you, it will be obvious. Excess fat, but not subcutaneous fat, is the real problem. Below is a link to a video that Dr. Brewer made on the issues with BMI.


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        There are some who believe that a healthy BMI is affected by age. Check out this link I also attached my personal result. Generally, they are suggesting that a slightly higher BMI is healthier as we age.
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          Thank you everyone for your responses.