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  • Cholesterol Panel (Lipid Panel)

    Is the cholesterol panel done with the CIMT or do the results of the CIMT determine if you get a cholesterol panel? For context, I did the 490 Webinar & had low risk of diabetes. The next step for me is the CIMT.

    Thank you

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    Those are related but separate tests. You should get both a cholesterol panel and a CIMT test starting around 50 years of age or perhaps earlier if you are at higher risk by genetics/lifestyle. Generally it is much easier to schedule a cholesterol panel test than a CIMT test. If you haven't gotten an inflammation panel, then you should get one of those as cardiovascular inflammation is a key driver of cholesterol getting into the intima-media space (and thus the usefulness of getting a carotid intima-media thickness test). If you haven't gotten either a cholesterol panel or an inflammation panel, just schedule those at the same time while you wait for the next opportunity for a CIMT test. If you are going through the Webinar, then you likely have access to the info on how to sign up for a CIMT test if you want it done by CardioRisk labs. Ask if you are not sure.


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      One more comment. If you haven't had a CAC score test done yet, then you might want to consider getting one done. After an initial CAC score test which indicates a score above 0, then I would wait five years between each subsequent CAC score tests. Dr. Brewer has done several videos on CAC score tests.

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    I'll add it to my list. Thanks