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  • Finding a doctor to work with

    My husband and I recently moved to a new state, and so we must establish relationships with new doctors. That is the trick, finding a doctor who is open to all that Dr. Brewer discusses. So, how to find such a doctor? I thought I found one for myself, a doctor who appeared "holistic," but it turns out she and her nurse practitioner are pretty old school where cholesterol is concerned. Testing was pretty basic. I'd used a functional med MD in the past who I loved, and she was very thorough, but my husband's doc was not, and my husband has more complex issues than me.

    So, I'm searching on my husband's behalf right now. He has been on a statin, has family history of diabetes and heart diseaase. Dad died in his 60's from heart attack, had diabetes and smoked, was obese. His mom died at 87 from a heart attack after breaking her hip. She had dementia from TIAs, had been a lifelong smoker, and had RA. My husband was prescribed a statin years ago without being told to take CoQ10. He has had a few episodes of transient global amnesia, and during the work-up after the second one, which came about five years after the first one, they discovered he had diastolic dysfunction, about 55 yo at that time. My research found that it can be caused by CoQ10 deficiency, so I demanded that he take CoQ10 and was shocked his doc wasn't having him take it! Even on statins his triglycerides were too high so his TG: HDL ratio was over 4, with an HDL of only 35.

    I ordered a blood glucose meter so will be testing him myself! But meanwhile, what kind of doctor is the best for this history, an internist or a preventive medicine specialist? Seems like DOs are sometimes a little more progressive, but any recommendations for screening to determine whether a doc will be thorough working him up? If it weren't for going through nearly 11 months of unemployment before this move, and still recovering from that, I'd sign him up for a consult with PrevMed, but we need to work with insurance as much as possible.

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    I've read several comments on various lectures with people trying to do the same thing.

    After watching hundreds of hours of lectures on Youtube I created a long list of doctors, with the idea of finding one in my area...Houston. I found one. You may have to do the same. My list has around 100 KETO/LCHF friendly docs. It's very time consuming but you'll learn a lot.

    There are actually quite a few, but not easy to locate without research.

    For folks to help you they will need to know the city you are in or near.


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      I'm in the Medford, Oregon area. How did you learn which doctors were more current, cburg? When I call a doctor's office, how do I even broach the subject - what questions to ask? Seems like it puts the receptionist on the defense, to imply that any doctor would be inadequate...


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        I wouldn't have called anybody until they've been vetted by your research and the KETO community. It's not an easy prepared to spend a great deal of time on this.

        Some medical services are available form a distance, like Dr. Brewer's, and some services need to be local. That delineation is not clear to me yet. That's another aspect to your search.

        I've had and fired 4 Cardiologists. Basically the only thing they could be used for was a reverse barometer. They were all 180 degrees off...on virtually everything they told me. If I did what they said I'd probably take 10-20 years off my life...I truly believe that.


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          Next question: Keto community? Where do I tap into that?


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            Considerable online researching is required. Perhaps there is a database, but I've never seen one. Although some competition is involved, like with anything, the community seems fairly cohesive.


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              Any luck finding a good local doc? Have you looked into Dr. Brewer's services. I would if I didn't have a famous KETO doc right in my town.