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Best Diet to Reverse Heart Disease...The Great Debate!

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  • Best Diet to Reverse Heart Disease...The Great Debate!

    Hi all and feel free to chime in here.
    Since getting a high calcium score 2.5 years ago I have lost weight, started on some new meds and supplements, became even more active, and lastly but possibly most importantly
    modified my diet.
    The thing is I have read all the book and looked at basically all the systems and boy is there some major disagreement on what the best diet truly is for heart disease reversal.
    In my case my 2 hour oral glucose tolerance test was great and my issue was moderately elevated LPa according to my bale doneen workup.
    Docs told me to do a basic mediterranean diet. I cut out all processed foods and sugars, and all meats except for fish a few days a week and eat lots of veggies and a fair amount of fruits.
    I eat complex carbs and try to avoid most simple starches like breads, rice, pasta. I also eat nuts alot and avocados, but do use oil sparingly.
    So this is the point of confusion for me: What is the best diet for a person trying to keep calcification at bay and/or even try to reverse it?
    The interesting thing is although I have a high calcium score (mainly on LAD), my cimt age is in the early 30's and doc said was the best cimt in his practice? (CIMT was last year and I was 51).
    I take crestor 5 mg QOD, zocor 10 QOD, Perindopril 4 mg QD (borderline BP), niacin (enduracin) 1000 mg QD, fish oil, D3 5000 IU QD, K2MK7 180 mcg. B12 2500 mcg QD, and liquid qulinol 150 mg QD.
    My bloodwork is great but of course we know its not the low LDL but the inflammation and the sugar that must be kept low.
    I am closer to an ornish than a mediterranean diet now but will eat wild salmon a few days a week and eat alot of almonds.

    What really gets me ia a Dr like Dr Davis (yes I read undoctored) will say "0" carbs and lots of fats (saturated butter, etc).
    I understand it is about sugar that drives heart disease but keep in mind bill clinton more recently went to a dr. hyman diet and received a few more stent status post his cabg and now is on
    a Dr. Ornish diet again (initially he went to Esselstyn I know and then went to Dr Hyman).
    I am just soooo confused and truly want to get this right! I am also thinking about redoing my CT Calcium score at the 3 year mark and am anxious about this.

    Thank You to anyone with any feedback here and god bless you all!

    My kids and I thank you sincerely!

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    I don't know Dr. Davis, but I would go to him if he was in my vicinity. I'm an ex-SAD dieter, then Vegan, now Keto...which is better by far...IMO in terms of a wide range of results.

    I've been through 4 previous cardiologists and if I would have followed their advice I would have taken 10 years off my life, while having no sex life and reduced cognitive ability...but would have contributed greatly to the coffers of big pharma.

    Daily NEs are merely one of the many signs of improvement (like being 25 again). Plus no more tingling, coldness and numbness in my feet. Having my six pack back is the least of them. The list goes on and on. Such as BP 114/72 (without taking the multiple prescriptions they tried to make me take for high BP)...laughable is a polite description of their ill-informed "canned" medical advice. BTW I never eat fruit any more.
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      TY for your feedback.
      I am curious have you ever had a CT Calcium score and/or CIMT and then repeat after your KETO diet?


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        It would hardly be visionary of me to predict that Dr. Brewer will very soon be doing a video on this JACC article. I picked it up from Nina Teicholz tweets this morning. This article is a nice research review that really supports many of the points being make in Brewer's communications. I tried attaching the pdf, but it is too large. Here is the link and it is a free download:


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          I finished Nina Teicholz's book a few weeks ago and I look at fat/meat consumption very differently than I once did. I went about three decades of almost entirely avoiding red meat. Breakfast this morning was steak and eggs. I've been on a low carb diet for about 2 yrs now and have dropped ~44#s. I'm still in pursuit of target lab numbers, but making progress. If felt like a big breakthrough when I got my BMI <25, Hopefully we all benefit from our transformations with a long, successful healthy lifespan.


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            Kayak George,
            I clicked your link. It was broken. Could you send another version to my email, [email protected]?


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              Just started reading Fiber Fueled: The Plant-Based Gut Health Program for Losing Weight, Restoring Your Health, and Optimizing Your Microbiome. He makes a strong argument that it is short chain fatty acids (scfa) that lead to health and you don't get those from eating meat, but from eating fiber which is fermented in the colon by gut bacteria to produce scfa's. I'm only on Chapter 3, so I will leave it at that for now.
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